Our most epic blog yet, 4 stunning, gorgeous Curvy Kate Star In A Bra finalists all in the one place with some priceless advice for us Aussie ladies for our up-coming competition!

So you have discovered that Curvy Kate is bringing their Star In A Bra competition down under and your now sitting there wondering “I really want to enter but I’m un-sure if I should”.  Well never fear dear reader, Broods Big Bras has got you covered……or slightly un-covered…well we are talking lingerie here!

For those who know they are entering and can’t wait for Wednesday the 29th June to roll around then hopefully you have already checked out the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page and signed up to their email/newsletter, if not quickly go do it now…or after you have finished reading this blog ;)  For the un-decided here are some very wise words from this year’s UK’s Star In A Bra Top 10 finalists: Georgina Horne, Kelly Parks, Sophia Jenner & Astrid Lopez!

Kelly Parks & Sophia Jenner wearing the gorgeous Curvy Kate Tease Me bra

Welcome girl’s, so the Aussie ladies are sitting at home starting at their computer screen contemplating on whether to go into the competition, why should they submit their photo’s and enter?

Astrid – Because it’s the biggest confidence boost you’ll ever get! Honestly, I’ve always had body issues (even though I’m a fairly confident person), but when I saw the photos, against all odds I actually really liked them, and I thought: you know, you ain’t half bad! I also had a fantastic time with my friend Daria, who took the amazing photos so if nothing else it will be lots of fun.

Georgina – Because curves are bloody gorgeous and you should show them off!  Curvy Kate want to see their product on you!

Kelly – Life’s too short not to!

Sophia – My advice for anyone considering entering the Australian Star in a Bra, is, just go for it! I know everyone says that, and it’s much easier said than done, but there’s really nothing to lose.  I’m not overly confident, and I’ve had body issues just like anyone else, but you are your own worst critic, and Curvy Kate want real women modelling their lingerie; someone who other women can relate to.

Georgina Horne & Astrid Lopez

Some women are naturally going to be a bit apprehensive about their bodies, thinking they have some flaws, they’re not a size 6, they have stretch marks, one breast is slightly larger than the other etc and believe that this will hold them back, Curvy Kate are looking for real women, so what would you say to Aussies to get them over their body image fears?

Astrid – Just do it! You only live once: Curvy Kate want women like you who are happy and confident not being a model-type. There are already lots of companies out there that use models and that’s fine – but people these days want some variety! Just think that you may inspire more women like you to do the same, and to feel more confident in their own skin. That in itself is very rewarding. Neither Curvy Kate nor anyone involved are going to be pointing out what you may think as “faults”; it’s all those “faults” that make you the way you are, unique. Who wants to be just like everyone else? Boring! :-)

Georgina – I am a size 16/18, I have cellulite, stretch marks, several chins and yet I had a huge following and loads of support and managed to make top 3. Women aren’t all built like supermodels with perfect airbrushed sculpted bodies, they have these so-called ‘imperfections’ and they want representation.

Kelly – Curvy Kate are looking for real women, that’s exactly what every girl who has ever entered Star In A Bra is! Every one of us has hang ups about our body, whether it be cellulite, stretch marks, wonky boobs, scars, or in my case, a third nipple!  The competition is about being confident in your own skin, no matter what you think your flaws may be.  I hate the term ‘flaws’, I much prefer to regard them as marks of individuality.  Flaunt your individuality and be proud of who you are! You are the only one of you around after all!

Sophia – I have imperfections just like the rest of the world, including one breast slightly larger than the other, and a big scar down my left arm – but nowadays I don’t let those things become a hinderance, I just embrace them.

Kelly Parks a perfect example of a full body shot entry photo

If they are fortunate enough to get into the Top 20, how should they prepare themselves and their loved ones about the fact that everyone is going to be seeing them in their underwear?

Astrid – Well, I think for most of us entering Star in a Bra it’s not about becoming a model: it’s about overcoming any body issues you may have and feel confident and empowered. Your friends and loved ones should understand this (although dads are a tough one – I suppose it’s part of their job not to like seeing their daughters in their underwear!), should understand your reasons and be with you 100%. Yes, lots of people will see you in your underthings and it can be a bit intimidating, but really, is it any different from  being on the beach in your swimwear? Methinks not!

Georgina – Hang on to your reasons and stand up for what you believe in. Those who matter should understand and be supportive of your achievement. And you guys are from sunny Oz – who hasn’t seen you in a bikini?!

Kelly – Good question! My boyfriend already knew I was entering, so he was not in the least bit surprised that I’d made it through. With my parents it was a little more awkward as you can imagine. “erm…Mum, Dad…I’ve entered a modelling competition and I’ve made it through to the first round…Only I’m not wearing much…Vote for me?” As for preparing yourself, Just grin and bear it. Literally!

Sophia – If you get through to the top 20, yes you’ll be in your underwear and seen by the public, but it shows that you’re not afraid or ashamed of the way you look. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it, because you’re helping other women out there find the right underwear for them. We large cupped women have so much difficulty finding flattering and beautiful lingerie, it’s good to have a helping hand from someone who maybe looks a bit like us.  Those of your with other halves, they may stay quiet about it – a lot of girls boyfriends were quite quiet during the voting process, but it doesn’t mean they’re not proud of you.

Astrid, Sophia & Kelly at the Star In A Bra Photo Shoot

Girl’s you all made it to the Top 10, congratulations on that, this lead to you all having a professional photo shoot for Curvy Kate, we are having a Top 5, what should they expect to happen on the day, what surprised you, what were you nervous about & what should they practise before hand?  (Check out the behind the scenes video here)

Astrid – I was *very* nervous about not being able to pose like a professional and look rubbish; well I can’t say that either my modelling skills or looks were vastly improved (miracles do not happen ha ha) but as soon as I got to the house the team were so friendly and made me feel so at ease that my fears disappeared instantly. It was just a jolly good time all round! And it made me feel very special. What girl doesn’t like that?

Georgina – Ok so I made the classic ‘I should eat salad for a week mistake’ and ended up feeling a bit bloated on the day as miracles don’t often happen! However, I did make sure I was defuzzed, moisturised, happy in my heels and was told by the gorgeous Carrie Hunter to keep moving, posing, try to make every shot a bit different so they have choices, not duplicates.  Try to give genuine smiles and LISTEN to the photographer as they really do know best. My photos were different to how I expected as I didn’t get to choose and some of them were not so great (in my eyes) so be prepared for the fact that maybe you won’t like them all, but clearly Curvy Kate thought their products looked bangtidy on you.

Kelly – Thanks Brood, it was an amazing experience! On the day, expect some major butterflies in your stomach! When I got to the location, it was like some kind of lingerie-clad girly sleepover, with sushi, cakes, MTV showing, one girl getting her hair done, another having her make-up touched up. Expect to be primped and preened to perfection, then whisked off for photos and chatting between shots!  I guess before the shoot I was most nervous about getting my hair and make-up done, as I’m used to doing it myself and I know how I like it. I must admit, I was completely blown away when I first saw myself in the mirror! It was nice to see a professional’s interpretation of using my face as their canvas! And my hair-Absolutely LOVED it!  I wouldn’t recommend practising anything beforehand, as you’ll only forget about it on the day because of all the excitement! You won’t have to worry about getting your poses right as the photographer will take loads of shots of you in various poses, so put your trust in the team!

Sophia – The photo shoot was incredible and so much fun; I would happily do it all over again. Everyone at Curvy Kate is really nice and friendly, and they will make you feel very welcome. There’s nothing to be afraid of – of course it’s nerve-racking beforehand, but it won’t be once you’re actually there; the pampering really makes up for those night-before nerves!  Just make sure you look after your skin as best you can for a week or so in advance, get a good nights sleep the day beforehand, and try to relax and have fun!  Remember, you may not be 100% pleased with your photos, I wasn’t with a few of mine, but it didn’t ruin the experience for me. I was so glad I did it, and no one else will see them the same way you do.

Sophia with another example of a perfect full body shot entry photo

Personally, what made entering the competition worth it for you?  What was the moment that made you say “I’m so glad I did this”?

Astrid – I thought that a various different points. When I sent my home-taken photos was the first, because I actually had the courage to go on and do it despite being told all of my childhood and early adulthood that I was fat and unattractive; but then getting to top 30 (I was in utter disbelief for all of, like, two minutes) and then on to top 10, and meeting such lovely friends on the way (hello George, Lizzie, Sophia and all the rest of the curvy gang) was such an extraordinary experience all-round that I do not for one second regret doing it. Yes, there have been difficult moments, some people not understanding my reasons for entering, but all in all it’s been an extremely positive experience for me.

Georgina – Just the way people have been to me, I was expecting people to scoff at a big bird like me stripping off for the camera but the support and encouragement made me go ‘Yeah, actually, I made a great decision and no one doubts me’

Kelly – Being online in my smalls for the entire world to see was made worth it purely for the confidence boost it’s given me. At the end of the day, to whoever may be reading this, I’m just like you; an ordinary woman from an ordinary city who was given a chance to shine. Don’t miss YOUR chance.  I had so many “I’m so glad I did this” moments! From receiving a chocolate hamper to getting a message from a random girl telling me I’m an inspiration to her, from being featured in my local paper to my mum welling up with pride, it was all totally worth the few hours of worry and anxiety I’d initially experienced!

Sophia – Honestly, the best part of the competition would be the wonderful friends I made. The other girls were just so lovely, and I have made some firm friends – some of which I am certain I will know for years to come. They were so great, and I never felt like I was doing it alone – it just seemed like having fun with some really great gorgeous friends. It was completely and utterly worth showing the world my undies!

Georgina's photo on the left would not be accepted as she is fully clothed, Astrid's photo on the right would be as she is showing a full body shot in her underwear, just remember to look at the camera :)

How has your life changed since the competition?

Astrid – For one I’ve stopped beating myself up for not being able to reach the weight target I’d set myself; I’ve learnt that, even though one may not conform to today’s ideal of beauty, everyone has the potential to be beautiful. Beauty is not about a certain weight or shape or hair colour: I know this may seem cheesy, but I found that if you learn to accept yourself the way you are and love yourself for it, and just be the best you that you can be, that will show on the outside and others will respond to it positively.  My blog!

Georgina – I met some lifelong friends, I have got some amazing opportunities in the pipeline with regards to plus size and big boobied representation, I have started a successful blog and I just feel miles more confident and happy in my own skin.

Kelly – Since SIAB ended, I’ve done a photo shoot for a local glossy magazine (which is due out any day now, eek!), become friends with some of the other SIAB entrants and fellow curvy girls, become a lot more confident about my curves and bought an entire new wardrobe of lingerie in my ‘true’ size! I’ve also made a chunk of cash from selling ill-fitting lingerie on Ebay! I’ve even started a lingerie and swimwear blog.  One of the biggest and most beneficial changes has been discovering my true bra size. I cannot stress the importance of having a well-fitting and supportive bra enough!

Sophia – My life has definitely changed since the competition ended. I’m more confident and feel better about myself. I have also started my own blog about lingerie and fashion – I’m a firm believer in wearing the correct fitting bra, and talk about this quite a lot. I’m pleased to have helped lots of women (mainly through my blog, but sometimes outside of it) find the right bra, and it feels great to know you’re making a difference.

Personality and big smiles, stand out from the crowd

Any last minute advice for the future Australian Star In A Bra entrants?

Astrid – Just do it! Only good things have come out of this for me.

Georgina – Be completely happy with your photos, show them to a few friends and, if you feel happy to do some, family to get some words of encouragement or maybe criticism ie, you don’t show your figure properly in that photo etc, have fun with the photos! Curvy Kate’s photos are full of life so make yours stand out for the judges and really show that this is my body, I love it and I look stunning and I am enjoying myself! Be prepared for upsets and harsh words but remember that is life and not everyone likes everything or knows how to be kind. Just know that you will be inspiring thousands of shy women who will go ‘wow, she looks like me and she looks amazing’

Kelly – Don’t think too much, don’t worry too much, enjoy it and most importantly – BE YOU!

Sophia – My advice is to just relax and send in your pictures – there’s nothing to lose! You can only gain from entering the competition, and I am sure you will be so glad you did. It doesn’t matter if your body is not ‘perfect’, the point of this competition is just to be a real, gorgeous, happy, and confident woman – just be yourself. Perfection doesn’t always equal beauty.

Picture on the left of just breasts will not be accepted, Kelly on the right gives a perfect example of a headshot

So grab your camera, smart phone, webcam and start taking some pics and remember to smile, have some fun, be confident and most of all “Flaunt Those Curves”!

P.S. Don’t forget, if you need some Curvy Kate underwear for your photo’s check out Broods Big Bras for all your Curvy Kate needs ;)

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  1. sophiajenner says:

    Aw what lovely blog post you made Brood! :) xx

  2. Bloody awesome, us five give good advice and have sexy pics, LOVE IT!x

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