Broods Big Bras awesome guide to Curvy Kate Bras!

With so many different styles and patterns, it can be a little bit daunting to know which bra is right for you, for example you can get the same size in all the un-padded bras all across the range but there is a slight difference in how the cups sit, so I’m here to help you out starting with my latest favourite Emily.

Curvy Kate Emily Bra – The Worker Bra 

Emily Aqua Ivory, Emily Black, Emily Grape Black

My first Emily bra was Emily Black, I wasn’t a huge fan at first, mainly because I used to be all about cleavage, I have now learnt the error or my ways, but this bra I found really separated the middle of my breasts, but not out to the side like other bras, it was just around the centre gore, because I was wearing the wrong sized bra for years, this was something I had never experienced, I didn’t know that the middle wire was supposed to sit flush on my chest because no bra had ever done it before.  Also my boob displacement was all wrong, I was trying to squish them together, I have now learnt that the nipple should be sitting over to the side a bit where the 3 pieces of material sit.  So now that I wear Emily properly it has become a huge favourite of mine, I own 4 and soon to get a 5th.  I call Emily the worker bra because it is great for wearing to work or for a long period of time, I easily wear them for over 12 hours at a time and they still feel comfortable, the Emily Bra is always up to the challenge, it also has the firmest cup out of all the un-padded bras as well.

Curvy Kate Princess Bra – The Casual Bra

Princess Indigo, Princess Pink White, Princess Black

The Curvy Kate Princess bra is easily recognised because of it’s spotted effect, if you are wearing a sheer material or silk/satin then it is not advised to wear this bra because the dots show up under the material, if your partner is feeling cheeky, you can let them play ‘connect the dots’.  Under most other materials it is fine.  For me I find Princess to be the most relaxed cup, it gives off a more natural look, while still being supported but doesn’t quite have the same lift as the Emily cup.  This bra is super comfy, I have to admit, I have slept in it a few times, I’ve woken up the next day and to my amazement, everything was still in place, nothing over-spilled, I got up and nothing had to be re-arranged, I was blown away.  I call this the casual bra because I tend to wear this around the house, going down to the local shop, for more relaxed activities.  Princess is also the one bra that doesn’t have fully adjustable straps.  So far I own 2 Princess bras and they have  both been worn heaps.

Curvy Kate Angel Bra – The All Rounder Bra

Angel Black Raspberry, Angel Ivory Black, Angel Black Teal

For me Angel can just about do it all, I find it’s a mix between Emily and Princess, it has the shaping of Princess but sits a little bit higher, but not as firm as Emily.  Some people are a bit put-off by the ribbon going across the top of the cup thinking it will dig into the breast, if the ribbon digs in then the cup is to small, I’ve never had this problem, I don’t even realise when I’m wearing it that there is a ribbon.  Angel has fully adjustable straps, you can wear this to work, you can wear this out to dinner, you can wear it to a BBQ.  Angel also has the breasts sitting slightly outwards but they are still supported, un-like other bras that when they point outwards they also slant down over the top, it gives the breast a ski-slope effect, there is just no lift what so ever and the breasts point down, with Angel the breasts still point up, you are always supported while wearing a Curvy Kate bra.

Curvy Kate Portia Bra – The Weekend Bra

Portia Black Pink, Portia Purple Pink, Portia White Pink

My dear Portia, Portia is rather close to my heart, it was my first Curvy Kate bra, I fell in love, so much so I got another Portia bra in the same colour!  Portia is my going out bra, it’s feminine and sexy but not over the top, more of a subtle sexy.  Portia gives better lift underneath the cup, fully adjustable straps and boobs to die for.  Now you would think that if you have a sexy bra that you would be sacrificing comfort?  Not at all, I’ve gone out dancing for hours, head banging, bopping around and everything stayed put and at the end of the night when I get home, the first thing I want to do is take off my shoes and not my bra.  To be honest I hate taking off my Curvy Kate bras, I miss the support, I can’t wait to get back in them.

Curvy Kate Thrill Me Bra – The Bedroom Bra

Thrill Me Black Ivory, Thrill Me Peach Plum, Thrill Me Grape Jade

Want to bring some fun back into the bed-room then grab yourself a Thrill Me Bra, with its gorgeous satin cups and ruffles along the top of the cup, it’s sure to get anyone’s heart racing.  The reason I suggest this to be more of a bedroom bra is because of the ruffle, depending on your top or dress, the ruffle can be seen through the material, this doesn’t mean it happens to all tops, I’ve worn it under outfits and it’s been ok, but I know I can’t wear it with everything.  The height of the cup comes up a bit shorter than the Tease Me Bra which is mentioned next.  The general consensus for the Showgirl Range (Tease Me, Thrill Me & Tempt Me) is that because the back band has stretchier material compared to the un-padded bras many are finding that they can go down a back size in the band (say a 14 down to a size 12) and go up a cup size, but if you want uber cleavage and oomph then stick with your same cup size, if you don’t want you breasts to look a little fake then go up the cup size.

Curvy Kate Tease Me Bra – The Jaw Dropper Bra

Tease Me Coral Black, Tease Me Almond Black, Tease Me Silver Black

I have never had so many comments and compliments about my breasts from strangers than I have in this bra.  Now to be honest, I’m going against all bra rules and I am a bad example, but it’s only done on a few occasions, but I am a 16J (38J for you UK folk) and the Tease Me bra in a size 16 only goes up to a G-cup, so I am wearing the wrong sized bra but I tell myself it’s only for a few hours once or twice a month and then its ok.  I’ve had women come up and touch my breasts to see if they are real, I’ve had men say to me “Omg they defy gravity”, I’ve seen women talking about me at near by tables and when walking past groups of people I have seen jaws drop and their faces look like an emoticon :o   Tease Me bra is a huge favourite amongst the Curvy Kate fans, it’s a huge effort for a padded bra to keep my J-cup breasts lifted like that, Portia used to be my favourite but apologies to Portia as Tease Me is my new favourite and I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Black Silver and Black Wine.

Teer Wayde in her Spliced Vinyl Crop Jacket

In other news, recently it was announced on our Facebook page that we are proudly sponsoring the amazing Teer Wayde‘s blog Curves To Kill .  Teer is an inspiring Plus Size Fashion & Pinup Model, with publications in Australia and overseas and has a huge following, and it’s not just plus size women who are fans but women of all sizes as she does blogs not just on clothes for women with killer curves, but she also does blogs on shoes, accessories and anything funky that she comes across.  Teer also is having a give-away at the moment for a lucky fan to win a very expensive cuff bracelet very similar to the one in the above pic, check out her blog for more details.  Teer is also a Curvy Kate fan and has done a blog on the Tease Me bra a few months ago, click here to hear what she has to say about them.

Where do I buy these stunning Curvy Kate bras I hear you ask, well over at of course ;)  Best prices in Australia too!


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  2. MariaH. says:

    If you want cleavage and padded bras in your size check out Ewa Michalak.

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