Who wants a sneak preview of the Curvy Kate Autumn Winter 2012 range?

I know I do!

Wow time has flown, it feels like only yesterday that I was walking the streets visiting local businesses promoting the very first Australian Curvy Kate Star In a Bra competition (since I am an online store, I don’t have a front counter to put flyers on) and now the winner of the comp Julia McLean has flown to London already for her first Curvy Kate catalogue photo shoot!

Julia was joined by Curvy Kate models Laura and Lauren and the 2011 Curvy Kate UK Star In A Bra winner Lizzie for the Autumn Winter 2012 catalogue photo shoot.  Every photo shoot starts with hair and makeup which is something I love having done.

There’s a few surprises in store which is exciting, it’s almost like an early Christmas pressie, let’s start with the Emily bra on the left, my favourite un-padded bra, shown in white and nude, I like this pic, it kind of reminds me of a “big sis, lil sis” moment, where Lauren is showing Julia the ropes.  On the right is the first peek at Princess in a new blue colour.

One of the newer styles Romance has returned and it will be one of the bras I will be reviewing in the coming weeks, I am rather excited to check it out as I haven’t tried it on before so stay tuned for more Romance info, here Julia is modelling it in a sizzling Black and Red combo and looking like a natural model already!

 Daily Boost is currently making its debut here in Australia in February next year and for one of the plainer looking bras I reckon it will make quite an impact as there is a bit of a demand for t-shirt style bras, they are great for wearing under…well anything really, especially with the smooth cup.  Growing up I always had bra retailers trying to put me in nude bras that looked like granny bras (oh Curvy Kate where were you when I was a teenager!), so my first instinct when I see a nude bra is to run to the hills but the Daily Boost nude bra has made me come running brack, this is one that I would actually buy, even if I have been traumatised in my youth, I do believe this will be the bra to fix my nude problems.  I really like this and can see me owning a bunch in all the colours (I think I need more boobs to keep up with my bra addiction), the white trim just makes the bra pop, it’s amazing, so big props to whoever chose that in design, as they turned a plain bra into a nice looking bra.  So cheeky Lizzie :p

I have to admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Lottie bra when it was first released (I think also personally I’m weary of new things) mainly for its colour and because it was something different to the other Curvy Kate favourites, I liked it but it wasn’t at the top of my list.  But then CK used it again for the Spring Summer 2012 catalogue and used it in 3 different colours and I had to admit, I completely converted and I now want all 3, I get to review the original Lottie also very soon (so stay tuned….no really, keep checking my blog out), and it looks like it’s here to stay as it made another appearance in a deep blue colour with black roses.  Also the secret behind why the Curvy Kate look so great, it’s because they eat!

I love all the Curvy Kate models and think they are all fantastic women and are great role models for ladies out there, in my personal opinion to me Laura is the perfect lingerie model, such a stunning beauty and an electric smile as proven in the next photo.  Plus it’s Tease Me in a cherry colour AND we get a blurry preview of a new bra style, sneaky CK, sneaky!

I noticed that blue is one of the main colours that they have gone with for this season and I can see why, it works well and is so rich in the Tempt Me style, sadly this style will elude me and won’t be reviewed as I have tried the 14/36GG bra on myself (keep in mind I’m a 14/36K) as that is the largest cup size it goes to in a 14/36 and I learnt a very valuable lesson…..bra sizes are there for a reason, the bra looked like cleavage heaven at the front, and then I turn to the side and I have super 4 boob effect (sheds tear) so it won’t be reviewed by me, so I will continue to let Lauren show it off as she does a much better job at it than I do.

Ok so I have kept you in suspense for long enough, it’s time for the reveal of a brand new Curvy Kate bra style (yay).  At first glance I thought it looked a bit ordinary compared to the feminine and fun looking bras that CK usually do, it didn’t seem as bright and girly, but then I thought, ya know what, sometimes you just want a casual bra, something that isn’t too fancy and you can wear to work, wear around the house, go out shopping etc.  Plus I also realised that CK just isn’t for the 15-30 year olds, they have an older market as well who like a bra that isn’t full of lace and pretty stuff (some younger people are like that as well) and I think this will be the bra for them.  I can see it being quite a staple bra with a lot of people and will be curious to try it out down the track, I think I will re-name this bra the “Everyday Bra” as it looks like one that you would wear everyday.

 So this next pic will make you go a lil crazy, I know I did, I sat there for a few mins studying this trying to work out which styles I recognised and then gasping when I didn’t recognise some which could only mean one thing, Curvy Kate have more surprises in store for us *does a happy dance*.

The girls have done a great job once again, can’t wait to see the final catalogue pics, a huge congratulations to Julia, you’ve done so well, I hope to interview you in the future to hear how your life has changed since the competition and about your UK experiences.  The last pic I have to reveal includes Fleurty, Tease Me, Tempt Me and the mysterious un-named bra!


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4 Responses to Who wants a sneak preview of the Curvy Kate Autumn Winter 2012 range?

  1. craftymiss says:

    I hate that it will be such a long time before I can own any of these…the blue Fleurty and red Tease Me are just gorgeous. As for the blue Tempt Me, my jaw actually dropped! I HAVE to have it!! I think I need to start a savings account entitled ‘The Curvy Kate fund’…

    • brood16j says:

      I feel your pain craftymiss, I was like that with the SS12 catalogue, I wanted about 8 or 9 bras there and then, I didn’t want to wait til they were released they were that great. I agree that blue Tempt Me was soo rich and gorgeous and I reckon we all are going to have to start a savings account to go towards future bra purchases! Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Bras I Hate says:

    I LOVE the colors in this new collection! So many reds and blues! I love the look of that red Tease Me, if I was going to design my own personal color of the Tease Me that’s exactly what I would have created.

    I also have a phobia of nude bras! I just think of them as what I was forced to wear when I didn’t know anything better existed in my size, so I’d never feel excited to put one on in the morning. I don’t know if the nude Daily Boost will convert me but I am really liking the look of the black one.

    • brood16j says:

      Hey Bras I Hate, welcome back, glad to see you love the colours and that the Tease Me colours have won you over. So sad that we both have nude bra phobias, damn retailers, sounds like you also needed Curvy Kate growing up as well, I reckon the black Daily Boost will be one of those ‘handy’ bras that you always end up wearing because it’s plain and comfy, so you never know, the nude Daily Boost might eventually make it into your wardrobe, if not at least you now have plenty of other choices, and if you don’t ever want to wear a nude bra ever again you don’t have to thanks to Curvy Kate designing a whole range of fantastic bras :)

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