We all need a little “Romance” in our lives and some tips on how to spot a bad fitting bra

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought it was a great time to do a review on the stunning Curvy Kate Romance Bra, and also because I asked my fans on Facebook which bra out of the 3 choices they would like to see next, Abbey responded first with Romance so here it is!

I have to say, I became an instant fan of Romance as soon as I put it on and it made its way to my 2nd favourite un-padded bra.  The fit and shaping was very similar to Emily which is my favourite, it has a strong uplift, a nice round shape and is very versatile being black but stands out from the crowd with its golden flat embroidery so it can be worn under just about everything.

For those who are new to my blog (welcome) but I just wanted to remind people that this is a 14K (36K for the uk people) bra, this Curvy Kate bra is supporting K-cup breasts, this is one of the reasons why I love this brand, no other bra has given me this kind of support, uplift and is so comfy that I can wear them for over 12 hours.

I think this is one of the first bras where they have replaced the little ribbon bows at the start of the straps and have added little golden scrolls instead, something which I think suits this particular bra, but I have to admit, I still love the little bows.  Also you have to love their attention to detail, they have added scrolls to the back of the bra, an area which is normally forgotten about and left blank, I remember getting it and just going ‘that is cool’.

With its fully adjustable straps, 3 hooks on the back, 2 for smaller cup sizes, this bra will definitely be in high rotation in my collection and I am now wanting to get the other colours such as the black purple and the yet to be released black cherry.  Little tip, when you first get a bra it should go on the first hook as above, there is no point buying it when you go straight to the tighest hook, you shorten your bras life span when it starts to stretch as it will be to big.

Moving along onto another topic – bad fitting bras!  As an online only store 95% of the time I don’t get to help people find their correct size, I have had the odd customer ask which they think would be best but in general I’m handing out bras and it absolutely kills me not knowing if they have chosen their correct size or if they have stuck with old habits and gone ‘oh well it fits pretty good, it will do’.  It still blows me away the amount of women who are wearing the wrong size bra, but also the amount of women who don’t know what to look for to determine if it is a good fit or not, so to combat this, I have created a picture show.

To the un-suspecting eye some people would say that this bra looks ok, a little cleavage heavy but when you start to analyse the important areas you soon realise this bra is completely wrong.  Now this is a bra I bought about 5-6 years ago and has just been sitting in my draw ever since, I’m not here to bad-mouth it or the brand as that is not what I do, I chose this purely because it is the wrong size, it is an 18E (40E), bit of a difference compared to my 14K (36K).  The pics of the pink bra are bad bra pics, me wearing the romance bra, good bra pics.

The area where the 2 wires meet is a misunderstood part of the bra, it is known as the centre gore and as you can see in this pic it is nowhere near my chest wall offering me no support in my band, you want the gore to be sitting flush against your chest.

Moving around the back of the bra to the most important part, the back band.  Everywhere I go now I’m looking at other women’s backs to see where their bra band is sitting to see if its riding up their back or not.  I have fitted a few friends of mine and have asked them what size they are, it’s usually some size way to big and I go to their backs and pull their back band out by about 5 inches and say this is why this isn’t your correct size, this should be a firm fit across your back otherwise you are not getting supported.

Also your band should stay the same height all the way around to the back, it should not go up your back like a 45 degree angle, it should not curve into a boomerang shape around your shoulder blades, it should look like this below.

You can also see that the underwire is encasing the entire breast and sits further around the side which means it is not cutting into any precious breast tissue, in the pink bra you can see it digs into breast which damages it.

If you can do this ^^ with your back band it is time for a new bra, go now and get one, stop reading this blog and run out to your stores now (or my website www.broodsbigbras.com.au) and get correctly fitted and go down a few back sizes and get a bra that does this below.

I put a fair amount of strength into that pull to show you that there isn’t much give, that took effort to get it pulled that far, but that is about as far out as it should go.

If your able to grab the bottom of the centre gore and pull it out and move it around, it’s not a good sign for you or your bra, think about it, if there is all that movement, what is supporting your breasts?

Don’t forget the straps, if your shoulders are covered in red raw marks and cutting into your skin then guess what, your bra is either the wrong size or you have your straps pulled to tightly trying to lift your breasts, which guess what, means you’re in the wrong size bra.  Technically you should be able to put a bra on, take the straps off your shoulders and still be really well supported, that is a sign of a correct fitting back band.  If you find that your bra is cutting into your armpits loosen the straps a bit and tighten your back band.  You should be able to fit 2 fingers underneath the strap for a comfortable fit.

It breaks my heart hearing women say “oh I can’t wait til I get home so I can take my bra off” or “the first thing I do when I walk through my front door is rip off my bra”, it is sad that there are women out there who just don’t know the joy of a correct fitting bra.  Me, I love wearing my underwire bras and I’m not just saying that because I sell them, I genuinely wear them all the time, I also sleep in them that is how comfy I find them (my older styles not current ones I wear each day).  I come home and put on pj’s but I leave the bra on, also not because I have massive boobs and need something to lift them, but because I want to and I love having that choice.

For those who didn’t hear our announcement in the last blog we have introduced a customer rewards program to our loyal customers.  Those who spend $500 instore will become a Gold Member to Broods Big Bras and you will earn FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING for a whole year.  You don’t have to spend $500 in the one go, it is a running tally of all your purchases including previous ones, its our way of saying thankyou for shopping with us.

In closing I have a question for my fellow readers, as you know I do the bra modelling in my blog to show how the bras look in a K-cup to help out other larger cupped women.  Well I am now contemplating reviewing the underwear as well, I wear a size 22 in the shorts and thought well no one is plus size modelling them, maybe I should do it so that other plus size ladies can see how they would look in the underwear, but I’m not to sure if there are people who want to see that, so if it is something you would like to see please let me know as I’m still on the fence with the idea, thanks :)



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10 Responses to We all need a little “Romance” in our lives and some tips on how to spot a bad fitting bra

  1. Laura says:

    Ooh I love those little scrolls, they’re really classy. It’s especially nice to see that kind of detail around the back band – the only other brand I’ve ever seen do that sort of thing is Fauve, and you have to pay quite a bit extra for the privilege! Great fit advice too; I really grimaced seeing the pictures of you in the pink bra! It’s a shame many of my friends don’t want to listen when I try to get them in the right size.

    As for modelling the underwear, if you feel confident posting the pictures I think it’s a great idea! Curvy Kate’s for every woman and if the matching underwear looks as good on you as the bras, I think your other readers will agree with me :)

    • brood16j says:

      I grimaced as well Laura, I was just so glad that I didn’t have to wear it out, sadly I know I used to wear bras that fitted just like that. How hard is to educate friends on a proper fitting bra, no one wants to be told their bra is incorrect, its crazy, I see so many people who need help but can’t approach them because nobody likes hearing the advice. Appreciate the feedback on the underwear modelling and you make a great point, Curvy Kate is for every woman, I’ve had a few people on Facebook like the idea of it as well which is helping convince me that it is something that some women want to see :)

  2. June says:

    I just had a chance to glance at this earlier today but I have to say you really did a great job showing off the fit and a well-fitting bra vs a poorly fitting bra! Thanks for that I’ll definitely be passing on a link to this post! :D

  3. Jen says:

    Love the review!
    And thanks so much for the Info about bad fitting bra’s
    I’m still trying to find my size! it’s very confusing.
    I think I may be a size 12F-G and as bad as it sounds I don’t think I own a bra that sits flat on the centre gore! *shame*

    I defiantly want to order some Curvy Kate bra’s but as I’m still trying to find my size that makes things a bit difficult.

    But thank you for showing what a good bra VS Bad Bra should look like! Its very informative.

    • brood16j says:

      Hi Jen

      Welcome to my blog, thanks for the thumbs up on the review. That’s terrible that you don’t think you own a bra that sits flat against your chest, we need to get you into a correct fitting bra ASAP! What size are you currently wearing to get bit of an idea if the 12G would fit? If you are wearing a 12G and the gore isn’t flat then you need to go higher in the cup. What country are you in if you don’t mind me asking, if your in Australia I can help you out to find the right size. Appreciate the feedback, come back anytime :)

      • Jen says:

        I actually went and got myself fitted again this time the lovely lady took her time and helped me find my exact size!
        Turns out I have been wearing 12-14 size when I am in fact a 10! so I an a 10F and my god I can feel the difference!

        I had been fitted twice before and both times they had given me the wrong size. I think because I am larger chested they assumed my whole body was larger when I’m in fact a size 10F

        I’m actually based in adelaide! Woo go Australia!

      • brood16j says:

        That is sooo great to hear Jen, I am really happy for you, it is amazing how much of a difference a correct sized bra does feel, it even makes you look slimmer ;)

        Glad to hear that you got a lovely lady, I have heard some horror stories about women who go for fittings and the fitter has no idea how to find the right size for you, don’t worry a lot of women are under that misconception that a large bust results in a large back band so your not alone. Enjoy your new 10F bras and if you ever want some Curvy Kate lingerie you know where to find me, I am doing an order in a few days for the up-coming catalogue so if there is anything you would like to pre-order please email me at brood@broodsbigbras.com.au

        Thanks again :P

  4. lynnelle says:

    how do i measure myself to find the correct fitting bra, Some of my bras (cups) are too small and some too big.

    • brood16j says:

      Hi Lynnelle

      It’s such a tough question to answer in the sense that there are so many different methods and calculators out there but in my opinion the best way to find this out is to try the bras on. For example Curvy Kate don’t have a calculator or a sizing method such as ‘add 4 inches’ because they believe that the best way to find your correct size is to be fitted and try them on. Now this is great if you can get to a lingerie store, if you can’t it does make it tricky, plus also a lot of retailers really don’t know how to properly fit women so it is the luck of the draw when going to places. Generally your bra size will be smaller than your top size also keep in mind that bras do go above a DD-cup, so many women are under the impression that they are only a DD-cup because that is the largest cup size available in standard stores. I will include a display of bra sizes that Brastop did which shows what a few different sizes look like, try seeing if your similar to one those to get an idea. I’m in Australia, going by your address I am assuming you are as well, if you would like to discuss this more in private and we can try to work out your size please email me at brood@broodsbigbras.com.au

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