The most practical bra you will come across, the Curvy Kate Daily Boost bra!

After seeing pictures of the Curvy Kate Daily Boost bra months ago a big part of me has been super keen to try it out, but then again, when aren’t I keen to try out a new CK bra, but there was a little part of me that didn’t want to go near it purely because of its colour.  Growing up I have been traumatized by nude and white bras, in high school that was all that was available for me, it was a miracle back then to come across a nice black bra, so all the time it was white for me, I flat out refused to wear nude, it looked like a granny colour, couldn’t bring myself to wear it, it was bad enough that I was a teenage girl who lived in black clothing having to wear white bras underneath, I wasn’t going to wear nude and have my self esteem lowered even more when other girls my age could wear whatever colour they wanted and didn’t have to wear nude.

So as you can see I was a torn with the Daily Boost, after swearing to myself for years that I’d never wear nude I braved it for my own curiosities sake for the fit and also for the blog.  So here it is…

My first impression was it is firm, like Angel bra firm, this is my regular size 14K/36K but it was still the right back size for me.

For those paying close attention you will see that I do have some cup overflow with my arms up in the air and also by my side, while these are not full cup bras it is a little bit extra overflow than normal.  There are a few contributing factors to this, this is happening in a few of my other bras a tiny bit which means I could probably easily fit into a 14KK, sadly this size does not exist, I also started a new medication a little while ago which makes me retain a little bit of fluid which is why the back band was firmer than normal.  This is why it is important to get measured every 4-6 months because your cup size and back band does change for different reasons.

So those reasons aside I find it very true to size, if you are between cup sizes then go for the larger size not the smaller.

The bra is also very strong and structured, its brand new, it hasn’t been broken in yet, when I took the pics I had only worn it for a few minutes to take the photos.  To me a new bra is like a new pair of shoes, they need to be broken in and moulded, so I decided to wear the Daily Boost bra the next day to try it out as I noticed when I looked at the pics I had taken there was room at the bottom of the cup that my breasts were not sitting in, so I had hoped that once I had broken the bra in I would sit a bit better in the bra.  Here is me at the end of the day.

As I had predicted I now sit in the bra better, to save your scrolling up here is both bra pics before and after side by side.

So the bulging on top is less prominent and I sit into the cup more so I would advise anyone who purchases this bra to take note of this, if you are sitting a bit out of the cup please look at the bottom of the cup to determine if once you have worn it for a while will you sink into the cup or not, if there is no extra room then by all means go up a cup size.

For those who love their matching sets there is also matching briefs and thongs, here is the Daily Boost Nude brief in a size 22.

 The underwear is so smooth and great for every day wear, they do not sit as high up the stomach as the Curvy Kate shorts because this is a brief but they still cover my lower stomach so I’m happy, my hip measurements is roughly 130cm for other plus size women who want to measure themselves to see what size they will be.  For the new readers to my blog my pictures are raw and un-edited, no photoshopping is involved, I want you to see how Curvy Kate lingerie fits on a plus sized woman and in my opinion it looks great.  It suits women from size 6 to size 22, such a versatile brand.

So back to the bra, it is a fantastic t-shirt style bra, it’s not un-padded and it’s not as thick as the Showgirl padded bras, the thickness is in between the two.

I find it is one of those bras that you can wear everyday, I guess that is why they called it the Daily Boost bra, it gives me a little bit more oomph compared to the un-padded bras and there is less jiggle as I am more supported but I don’t have the lift of the Showgirl bra.  When I only owned 3 CK bras and was just lounging around the house or would duck down to the local shops I didn’t want to wear one of my CK bras because they were so nice, I felt like I was wasting it, I really needed this bra back then as I would have worn this for those moments and saved my other nicer bras, this is why I find it practical but of course you can wear it for other bigger outings as well.

I know that there are quite a few women who are very nipple conscious, they mainly wear padded bras so that their nipples don’t show, I’m a little different, after wearing bad bras for years and having my nipples end up all over the place, one would be pointing north and the other west and then when I grabbed my bra to shift my boobs back into it then they would face a completely different direction again.  So now that I have my awesome fitting Curvy Kate bras and my nipples don’t move, I enjoy wearing the un-padded bras and if my nipples show through I don’t care because I know that they are sitting in the right spot.  But in saying that, this bra is great for nipple conscious women.

The bra has a white trim and the bra also comes in white with a nude trim.  I have had some ladies ask is this a moulded cup, I have said no as I find a moulded cup is a completely smooth cup with no stitching, as you can see in the above pic there is stitching in the cup, the later to be released Curvy Kate Smoothie bra will be their first moulded cup bra.

How does the bra look under a top?

My usual Purple shirt was in the wash, this is the same top but in a different colour, grabbed it off my rack, took the pics and realised it had a big stain on the front so it will now be going back in the wash so please excuse the mark.

So after hating nude and white bras for so long the Curvy Kate Daily Boost bra has changed my mind on the colour and it will be worn a fair amount for my daily activites, it is just to practical and handy to not wear it as I do like the shaping and support it gives.

I do have some of the Daily Boost lingerie in stock at

Daily Boost Nude bra – 14J, 16F, 16G and 18G

Daily Boost Nude brief – 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22

Daily Boost White bra – 16F and 18GG

Daily Boost White brief – 18 and 20

Also I am soooo close to getting 50 000 clicks on my blog

The irony is that I print screened this exactly at midnight and so it looks like no one has read my blog today, what are the chances of that, a few mins before hand it had 208 but I decided to refresh one more time, oops, but I’m so close, I want to thank everyone who has read, followed, viewed my little blog, I really appreciate it, I didn’t think I would get to this mark so soon so here is hoping for another 50 000!

Also the Top 10 Curvy Kate Star In A Bra finalists had their photo shoot a few days ago, the photos will be released very soon and you can vote for who you want to win, keep watch here and you can follow me here to get updates and discounts.

♥ Brood

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5 Responses to The most practical bra you will come across, the Curvy Kate Daily Boost bra!

  1. This is a very good review. I have to say that I do find the Daily Boost quite an ugly bra, but it looks like it does a good job of being a nude bra and since I have yet to find a nude bra to suit my tastes, I wish I could try this on. Darn not having Curvy Kate in Christchurch!

  2. adhesive bra says:

    Nice blog. Great reading too. If you want to swap links just lemme know!? :)


    • brood16j says:

      Hi Sarah, thanks for the comment, appreciate the offer for a link swap but I’m going to have to pass, I checked out your site, I have never seen the adhesive bras with a pretty pattern on the front, I’ve only ever seen nude ones, glad to see they are evolving :)

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