Breaking the “D-cups are huge” myth!

Did you know that a 12D bra and a 14D bra are not the same cup size?  If this shocks you then you need to continue reading this blog!

Thanks to running an online bra store I now cringe every time I hear/see a woman say that they are a D-cup, not because I have anything against D-cups but purely because every single one of them has way more than a handful in the chest department and are clearly not a D-cup.  Where did we go wrong in the world assuming that we are all D-cups and DD-cups are massive?

I admit I grew up accepting that a particular woman named Pamela had DD’s because that is what the media had me believe, oh how wrong they were.  Even now big breasted celebrities are being labelled as DD-cup when they are more likely a G-cup and higher.  It is social magazines and media outlets that are mis-informing us all and it needs to stop for the sake of our own breasts.

When I meet new people and tell them that I sell bras that go from a D-cup to a K-cup their jaws drop and the first thing that always come out of their mouth is “Omg I didn’t know a K-cup existed” or “Omg I didn’t know bras went up past an E-cup”….that is because you shop in your local department store such as K-Mart, Big W, Target, Best and Less etc, that doesn’t supply past an E-cup and there is also no fitter there to teach you about bras so your left to continue wearing the same wrong sized bra over and over because you don’t know any better.

My other cringe worthy moment is when women say “Oh I thought a 12D and a 14D were the same size”.   Nope, they are close but they are not the same size, here is an example

Every single one of those bras above ARE ALL D-cup bras, they are 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14D, 16D, 18D and 22D (didn’t have a 20D in stock) and guess what, none of them are the same size, if you look closely to the underwire on the right side you will see a little red line, each line gradually sits further out than the one above.

It is a little hard to see in pictures cups when they are sitting flat, so here is my un-conventional side coming out, I grabbed a 10D bra (which is a 32D for you UK people) and wrapped it around a cushion, I placed 5 ping pong balls on the inside to give you bit of an idea of what a 10D cupped size bra looks like.

Still think Pamela is only 1 cup size bigger than this?

Now to compare it to a 18D cupped size bra, once again the handy ping pong balls were used, I used ping pong balls because I didn’t have any tennis balls but also everyone pretty much knows how big a ping pong ball is.

As you can see an 18D cup has more room than a 10D bra, this bra has about 10 ping pong balls inside, if you picture this on a woman who would wear a size 18 back band the cup doesn’t seem as big.  In no way am I hating on D-cups by saying that they aren’t big, but compared to my K-cup breasts they don’t seem big, I have nothing against D’s, all breasts whatever shape or size are awesome in my books.

Ladies if you are changing your back band size don’t forget to accommodate for the cup size as well.  If you are a 14DD and the cup is fine but your on the tightest hook and the band is riding up your back you need to go down to a 12, but you have to go up a cup size to be the equivalent cup size, so you would need a 12E, a 14DD and a 12E are the SAME CUP SIZE.

Once again here is a comparison it is an 8D bra and a 18D (I probably should have used the 10D because I used it earlier but you get the idea).

I hear so many women say “Oh I struggle to find a D-cup bra”, my response to this is “That is because you are not a D-cup, you are bigger than a D-cup, that is why you can’t find one to fit, there is a ton of D-cup bras out there on the market, if they don’t fit you, you’re not a D-cup!”  If you go into a clothing store and can’t find a size 12 pants to fit you in a variety of styles then there is a pretty good chance you’re not a size 12, bras are no different.

A lot of women are scared of the bra alphabet, I’ve re-fitted customers who have gasped at being told they are actually a G-cup or a K-cup, they don’t want to be known as this cup size because they feel as though they are a freak because hardly anyone knows of that size and if it isn’t sold in Target it must be not normal.  Think about it, what is worse, wearing a larger cup size and not having to tell anyone that you don’t want to or damaging your breast tissue because you are too vain to wear the right cup size but at least everyone knows you’re a supposed ‘normal’ cup size?  Give me the large cup size any day, I proudly tell people I’m a K-cup, I’ve had women read my business card when I have handed it to them and they ask “Wow what does a K-cup look like?” and I tell them you’re looking at them, they seem less freaked out when they see it in the flesh because in their mind a K-cup is someone carrying massive watermelons on their chest.

This is why Curvy Kate and I can’t stress enough the importance of being fitted by a professional bra fitter, granted it is becoming harder to find a trust worthy fitter and not just some sales assistant in a store.  If you have to, learn how a bra should fit properly yourself here, teach yourself that if the bra band doesn’t sit horizontally all the way around your torso then the back band is to big, those 2 pieces of wire that meet in the middle at the front is called a centre gore, that is supposed to sit flat against your chest wall.  Go to a store and don’t let a sales assistant fit you into a bra that doesn’t do what is said in my guide.

Thanks to the UK bras are being produced and manufactured in bras way above a D-cup and also in gorgeous and practical colours, here in Australia we are still a bit slow in catching onto this trend as in my local area, besides my online store you can’t buy a bra that goes above a G-cup here and this is why the world of online shopping is booming.  We have choices of sizes online, people can buy a K-cup bra at my store, I can’t go into any local shop and do that, so it never surprises me when I get a local order for someone who is above a G-cup, if anything it puts a smile on my face knowing I’m helping a local out because I know how hard it can be to get a large cupped bra.

If you have some ping pong balls in your house, grab one of your best fitting bras and see how many ping pong balls you can fit into it, see which cup size it is closer to, you may find that you will need plenty more ping pong balls and a much larger cup size.  You may also discover that according to my guide above, your best fitting bra really isn’t your best fitting bra anymore.

I know this blog sounds a lil ranty and pushy but its more of a public service announcement and a way to make more women aware of their cup size and how bras work because majority of women still don’t get it, for your boobs sake please go and get fitted and purchase a correct sized bra!

♥ Brood


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7 Responses to Breaking the “D-cups are huge” myth!

  1. ChristinaL says:

    Great post! My only suggestion is to make your watermark a little more transparent because as it is, it takes away too much from the pictures. Wonderful visual comparison on the cup sizes!

    • brood16j says:

      Hey, thanks for the comment, will make the watermarks a bit lighter in future blogs, appreciate the feedback about them and for the support :)

  2. Pingback: New Obsession « melancholy experiments

  3. brood16j says:

    Hi Alyse

    Thanks for the comment, I don’t think you have realised but I sell Curvy Kate Lingerie and I’m in Australia so I can post anything out to you for $10. My website is
    If you wish to talk more about what bra size to order as you won’t be the same in every style please email me at
    Thanks :)

  4. Karen says:

    You are correct. I wore a 34 A and then a 36 A for years (U.S.) and constantly pulled the band down and the straps up. Then I got fitted properly and am wearing a 34D! I was quite shocked.

  5. Sarah says:

    What happens when the 32k bra you wear has gotten way too small in the cup but still fits my back? I can’t find bras anywhere.

    • brood16j says:

      Hi Sarah

      If the back band is fine then do not go up back band sizes to get a larger cup as you need that support. Your next size would be a 32KK or 32L which are very hard to come by, unfortunately Curvy Kate stop at a 32K so I am un-able to help you but the best thing I can do for you is to give you the advice of staying that same back band size, goodluck :)

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