The Curvy Kate bra that treats you like a Princess

The wait is finally over Curvy Kate fans my Princess review is here!  I’ve done Angel, Portia, Emily, Romance, Lottie and Daily Boost, so there was only one more un-padded bra left to review out of the current collection, I would have done this one awhile ago but I was waiting until I had the matching shorts to go with it so that I could include those in the blog.  So let’s go!

Curvy Kate Princess Black Bra is in 3rd position for me in my line of favourite un-padded bras and it is also my first choice in bras to sleep in as well because of its super comfort factor.  I don’t sleep in new bras, I have an older style Princess Aqua White bra that I sleep in which got plenty of use before it became a sleeping bra, but sleep aside if I had to describe this bra in one word it would be “comfortable”.  Now don’t get me wrong I find all the bras comfortable, I wouldn’t wear them or sell them otherwise but there is just something about Princess that makes you forget after a while that you’re even wearing a bra.

There are 2 things that separates this bra from the other Curvy Kate bras and the first thing is the raised dots, they are not a printed dot but are actually on top of the material, so you do have to sometimes watch what you are wearing shirt wise because the dots can be seen underneath certain materials such as satin or figure hugging cotton tops.  Some people might be put off by this and wonder why a company would produce a bra with this effect, well there are obviously a lot of women out there who don’t mind because it is one of the most popular Curvy Kate bra styles and also they keep producing new colours in it each season so plenty of women don’t seem to have a problem with it, myself included.

I am wearing my usual size 14K which is also known as 36K in UK sizing, I am noticing though that I am bulging out the top of the bra a little bit more than usual, but it is also happening with my other bras which is making me think I am now a 14KK (Curvy Kate help!) but I am still being supported by the bra and I’m not causing any tissue damage (compared to the bras I used to wear a few years ago) with that slight bulge, granted the Curvy Kate bras are not full cup bras they are balconette bras but I reckon I could do with that one extra size.

This is why you should get re-fitted every 4-6 months because your size changes frequently, what fit you 6 months ago might not be a good fit for you now.

The other difference with Princess is that it is the only Curvy Kate bra that doesn’t have fully adjustable straps, it has a pretty floral design on the front part of the strap with the adjustable part in the back, with my other straps I have the strap sitting in roughly the same spot as I would on Princess if the pattern wasn’t there so I cope just fine with this style of strap, for those who have the strap pulled almost as tight as it can go in the other styles then the Princess would not be right for you.

Thought I’d chuck in a Curvy Kate catalogue pic for you to see how it sits on them.

Emma on the left is a 10G (32G) and Laura on the right is an 8GG (30GG).

Now onto the shorts!

Here I am wearing the size 22 in the shorts, like all the other shorts these are not meant to sit around your belly button they sit around your hips.  Now they are also completely see through (don’t bother zooming haha) all the way around, I toyed with how I was going to display the shorts without editing because regular fans of my blog will know that I don’t edit my pics they are 100% raw and un-touched, I just add a watermark, so I thought how on earth do I model sheer underwear…..then I remembered my Curvy Kate Daily Boost Nude Briefs from my previous blog, problem solved!  So yes I am wearing the nude briefs underneath and if I must say I hid them really well from the camera.

Comfortable as well, the front has a boy leg short fit, if I didn’t have big thighs you would see this so here is a pic to show that from someone with smaller thighs -

On the back of the shorts though I find that they sit like a brief and don’t ride up like other boy leg shorts do.  There is a ribbon going across the top of the waist of the shorts, I don’t find that it digs in at all, yes you can see that it sits there but I find it is like the bra ribbon really, looks nice and you don’t really notice it there when wearing it until you see it in photos.  Just be careful when you or someone else is taking the pants off as you don’t want to rip the ribbon that is interlaced into the floral pattern, but if you do, don’t worry you can still wear the pants without it.

Princess comes in 3 standard colours, Black, White and Nude with the matching Shorts and G-strings (available at

It also comes in different colours each season, in the up-coming Autumn Winter 2012 catalogue the new colour will be Teal Blush modeled here by Australia’s first Curvy Kate Star In A Bra winner for 2011 Julia (keep a close eye out on my Facebook page and the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page for info about this year’s comp).

Princess bras are available in sizes 6-18 in D-cup to K-cup (28-40 D-cup to K-cup UK sizing)

Princess bras also extend into sizes 20 and 22 going from D-cup to G-cup (42-44 D-cup to G-cup)

The matching shorts and g-strings range from size 8 up to 22, so Princess really is one of the bras that caters for most women.

I just want to side step quickly, it is common knowledge that some bloggers receive free items to review for their blogs, companies give them products for free hoping that they get a glowing review for them.  This is not the case for me, I DO NOT receive free products from Curvy Kate, I actually pay for and purchase every single bra, short and g-string that I review.  Yes I sell these products but I review the Curvy Kate lingerie from a personal perspective to help all ladies especially the larger cupped and larger sized ladies so that they can see how they fit.  I do not get paid to do these reviews and no one tells me what to say and no one tells me which items to review, they are 100% completely my own words and no one else’s, I love doing this and I am passionate about it which is why I do it, so there are no freebies to sway my opinion, it is all me and how I feel about each Curvy Kate product.

In closing the Curvy Kate Princess bra is a bra that should be apart of every woman’s wardrobe, it is comfortable, supportive and pretty but not over the top, it is a bra you can wear daily including the underwear and also if you happen to have a quick nap during the day while wearing the bra you won’t wake up in dis-comfort, everything will still be in place :)

♥ Brood




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3 Responses to The Curvy Kate bra that treats you like a Princess

  1. Helena says:

    Even though the straps are technically not fully adjustable the slider can still be forced over to the embroided part. :) That’s what I have done. So, if you to need fully adjustable straps don’t give up on Princess just yet. :P

    • brood16j says:

      Hey Helena, now that you mention it I remember you saying this awhile ago, but I’m glad it is you suggesting the idea to others and not me since it is something that you have done yourself, thanks for sharing your tip :)

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