I think Curvy Kate is trying to Entice me ;)

It is such an exciting time for Curvy Kate fans as the first item of the Autumn Winter 2012 catalogue has arrived and we begin with the debut of Entice Black Gold and what a beauty it is.

Entice is apart of the Curvy Kate Showgirl collection and also uses the same sizing system.  When I saw this set in person a few months ago I was excited as it was a style rather different to the rest of the range and looked like it was heading down an elegant boudoir path.  The one word I keep coming back to describe this bra is “elegant” and part of me feels that it is a bit unfortunate that the name had already been taken for the Curvy Kate Elegance plunge bras, but in saying that, I do also like the Entice name.

Regular readers will know that I am a 14/36K who is now verging on being a 14/36KK and that the Showgirl bras are not in my size, but in the Tease Me/Thrill Me bras I kind of break all bra rules if I am getting dressed up to go out and squish into the largest size possible for my back band, the 14/36GG.  So since this blog is about comparing the styles and sizes for other women and reviewing I squished myself into this set as well.  Under the right clothing I can get away wearing the Thrill/Tease Me bras but I discovered that this is not possible in the Entice.  Let me show you to compare.

So this is me in the 14/36GG, to justify it to myself for breaking the rules on wearing the wrong size bra I compare it to a pair of gorgeous shoes that we have all owned, you know the pair that is just divine, sparkly, makes every woman envious of you and stands out, you love them and wear them out on special occasion’s but they are way to small for you, but you don’t care because you just look that damn good in them….I’m like that with these Showgirl bras.

Here is me in the Entice bra in the same size 14/36GG

As you can see the Entice bra on me is smaller and as much as I hate to admit it, it is to small for me and not wearable.  I only wear my Showgirl bras under a few dresses, so I still tried it on under a dress so you can see the comparison, here is me again in the Thrill Me

As you can see I get a nice round shape and it makes my boobs look even more awesome!  Here is me in the same dress in the Entice bra

My breasts no longer have the nice round shaping at the bottom of the cup and I bulge out the top just a bit too much.  So this review isn’t to bad mouth the bra it is mainly to suggest to my customers who like me squish into the Tease Me/Thrill Me bras that this might not be for you.  If you are more than 2 cup sizes larger than the size you normally order then I would not suggest this bra for you.

Moving onto the briefs, this was actually quite a comical moment, I was sitting in my warm lounge room and at about 2am I had a burst of energy and decided to brave the freezing cold back room that has no heating, strip and put on the Entice underwear and take some pics for the blog.  I got the bra pics done fine, I was lowering the tripod to take a pic of the briefs, I’m standing there with the timer counting down and then all of a sudden everything went black, then a flash and then black again…..we just had a blackout!  So I’m standing in the dark in my underwear in the freezing cold shuffling around the room full of junk to get to a torch without falling over!

Got the torch and realised that we were going to be in the dark for quite some time and I thought, there’s nothing stopping me from taking more pics, the camera has a flash so I kept going, I’m such a trooper haha, so here is my brief pic in the dark room.

In the Thrill/Tease Me I wear a 20 because that is the largest they go so I went for the 20 in this, I find the Thrill/Tease Me shorts and high-waisted briefs fit me fine (I will review these soon) but the Entice briefs were a little bit tight around the edges.  I was pleased that I could get them on for starters, being a big girl it’s always a little goal when something new fits, I did feel very held in and supported, like it was tucking my stomach in but in a good way, I just found that the seams along my thighs was tight after a few minutes of wear.  So ladies who are in-between sizes or are finding their current size a bit tight, go up a size in these.  If they came in a 22 I would be all over these in a flash.

So I wanted to work out why this was a different fit to the other bras as most Curvy Kate fans know, if you find your size you pretty much stick with it across the range.  So I grabbed both bras to compare and I found that the height is exactly the same on both the Thrill Me and the Entice if you didn’t include the ruffles, the ruffles make the Thrill Me look higher.

The other difference is that the strap sits further along the cup which I actually liked, it also is a bit wider before it hits the bow.  So for me I found that the cup is a bit shallower and that is why I couldn’t squish into it as well.  I actually think this would suit ladies who want the breasts touching each other kind of cleavage as opposed to the separated cleavage look.

If this was larger I would wear this in a heartbeat, it is divine and gives off a sexy but sophisticated look, also upon closer inspection the lines on the cup are tiny little butterflies, how adorable.  The straps are fully adjustable to the bow on the strap with 2 hooks on the back for the smaller sizes and 3 hooks for the larger sizes.

The briefs on the back have 2 layers of material with a hint of sheer-ness.

To sum up, size wise if you are on the verge of needing to size up in your other bras then go up a cup size when ordering the Entice, same deal with the pants, if your current pants are getting a little firm then I would suggest sizing up as well.  If you find that the other bras and pants are fitting you fine then stick with your normal sizing, you may just get a bit extra cleavage and there is nothing wrong with that ;)

♥ Brood

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9 Responses to I think Curvy Kate is trying to Entice me ;)

  1. June says:

    What a wonderful (and thorough! review). Since you know that I’m a squisher too it really helps with this heads up. ;) Oh, and I have my Grape Thill Me 30J ordered already and can’t wait to have it arrive. As I get way too much use out of my 30H Thrill Me but I just love the shape so much and the bra itself is ridiculously comfortable! :D

    • brood16j says:

      Hey June, thanks for the comment and kind words. Oooo your going to love the Thrill Me Grape bra, let me know when it arrives. I wonder if this term “squisher” is going to catch on? Lol.

      • June says:

        Hehe, actually, I was planning on writing a post to CK about how they expand their Showgirl range. I know they often cite support as the issue but considering that there are so many of us squishers (or ones like me who size up in the back to get the correct cup size) I think that it warrants expanding their range so we can get a better fit even if the support isn’t *quite* as good.

        I’ll definitely let you know when it arrives, I’m absolutely giddy over it! Wish I could’ve managed to find matching bottoms, though, but they were all sold out. :(

      • brood16j says:

        Oh how I would love to see the Showgirl range in larger cup and band sizes, even just from 16/38 to 18/40 would be a great start, I’ve mentioned it I think each time I’ve had a meeting with CK staff just begging them for it, so they are aware that there is demand for it, but by all means write the blog post if you wish :) That is unfortunate about not getting the bottoms as they are soo comfy, I’m kicking myself for not trying the underwear sooner especially since they style is taking a rest.

  2. June says:

    I actually won a Lottie awhile back so the underwear is coming with it. I’m hoping to try that first before ordering any other underwear from CK because I always have the hardest time finding underwear that fits right. If I do figure out my size I might look around more for the bottoms. :)

    I’ll let you know when the post is up. Right now I’m busy complaining about Victoria’s Secret. ;)

  3. Ve says:

    This website is fantastic! I live in the US so I can’t order from you, but I love these reviews. I found out my true bra size yesterday, 32GG (probably 32H in Curvy Kate sizes) and in all honesty I’ve had/am trying to “come to terms” with it, and CK is making that a little easier as their bras are so beautiful.

    • brood16j says:

      Thanks Ve, don’t worry about your sizing as there are so many different styles in your size out there now, also if you still need some time getting used to it all, you don’t have to tell anyone and just simply cut your tags off, no one has to know :)

      • Revé says:

        I figure worst-case-scenario if someone asks what size I am I’ll just say, “Do you plan on buying me some nice bras? Otherwise you don’t need to know.” lol ;-)

      • brood16j says:

        Exactly ;) Plus you will be doing your breasts a huge favour by correctly supporting them and it will improve your figure a bit as well, plus no more back strain, no more straps digging into your shoulders etc. So when there are so many positives you will soon learn to love your new size. If you head to http://www.curvykate.com you can look for stores in the US from their site, let me know if you ever purchase any Curvy Kate bras :)

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