One for the Curvy Kate Emily fans and announcing the new Broods Big Bras store!

Good news Curvy Kate fans, I’m back with a new review and this time round it is the Emily Midnight Blush Bra and Briefs from the Autumn Winter 2012 range.  Was nice breaking my blog up a bit with the interviews with the lovely Julia, Laura and Lizzie but new stock is arriving so it’s time to get back into it.

I do have to admit, I did receive this set about 3-4 weeks ago but I was in the middle of doing interviews but then things kept getting in the way of me doing this such as winter, I take my pics in the back room of my house but it has no heaters, I am awake during the early hours of the morning and it is when I take them and the idea of stripping down to my underwear in 5 degree weather just wasn’t appealing.  I also just recently got hooked on watching The Big Bang Theory and got into a routine of watching a few episodes while eating ice-cream, such a bad habit to get into, I made the brutal mistake of eating the ice-cream before I took the pics, in future I will eat it after I take pics haha.

So here we go, Emily Midnight Blush bra in a 14K which is a 36K for the UK fans, if it ever came out in a 14/36KK bra I would purchase that but I am still happy with the 14/36K.  Regular fans will know that Emily is my favourite so I always get it in each new colour, sadly though in the next season there is no new colour so fans of Emily will want to grab this one to tide you over.  It gives a lovely round shaping in the cup and you can see how well lifted I am as my boobs are not resting on my stomach.  It still blows me away that there is a bra out there that can do this with my super heavy breasts, I’ve already worn it out a few times and love it.

I had to move from my usual picture taking spot but more on that later.  The above pic makes me chuckle a little bit as I can see my ice-cream belly but I just discovered a caramel, honey and macadamia flavour and couldn’t resist.  The bra is a delightful midnight blue colour teamed up with an alluring blush colour which was used in a fair few styles for this season.  It has the same floral and swirly pattern embroidery as the other Emily bras which is great to see, it also has 3×3 hooks on the back, it will have 2×3 hooks on the smaller back sizes and comes with fully adjustable straps.

Side shot time, no pointy cone shape for me and as you can see my band is sitting horizontal on me and stays that way all the way around which is a sign of a correct fitting bra, if your bra is on an angle going up your back then the back band is too big.  The underwire comes around to my side and has encased the entire breast so there is no cutting into breast tissue.  Some women do find that the band does sit high up into the armpit, the band is wide, I find it fine but it might not suit everyone but it really is one of those things you won’t know until you try.  It can also mean that if it is digging into your armpit check the back band and straps, if the band is again on an angle and you are using your straps to lift the bra up then it is the wrong size.  But if the band and straps are fine but it still digs into your armpit then it will mean that the style will not be for you.

Time for the underwear, here is the Emily Midnight Blush Brief in a size 22 (there is also a matching g-string), the largest size that Curvy Kate does which is great of them as the sizes range from 8 to 22 so they cater for a lot of women.  This is the brief, it is not a high waist brief so it is not supposed to sit up around your belly button although I’m sure if I had less of a lower stomach my pants would sit closer to my belly button haha.  For women who don’t like underwear not coming up to the waist then these are probably not for you as they do sit mid hip range.  On the back they do sit high up covering the butt and lower back, I did take a pic but didn’t think the world was ready for that much ass in one pic.  They are super comfy and the style is no longer sheer so you have more coverage.

Here is a pic to show you what they look like on the inside and a closer pic of the bra.

If you are a fan of Emily in the past then make sure you add this one to the collection as you won’t be disappointed.   I have select sizes available in my store so feel free to check it out, I will also be getting more styles and stock over the next 2 months so keep an eye out for those.

For new people who are only just discovering my blog I don’t edit any of my pics, there is no photo shopping, all I do is crop and add a watermark as I want you to see how they look in real life as sometimes they look different in a catalogue and also so you can see how they cope and look on a larger frame.  I love the Curvy Kate models and they do a wonderful job modelling the underwear so it isn’t anything against them, I just know that there aren’t many people modelling in the size that I am and think it is a great way for my plus size customers to see that the underwear will also look great on them.

Speaking of helping I am very proud to announce that I have turned two-thirds of my back room in my house into a lingerie store!

It is nothing to fancy but after talking to some local women recently I discovered that hardly any of them know their bra size and they really do want to try them on before they buy which makes me selling only online a bit hard so after a massive clear out and 8 racks and a lot of hangers later this is what I have created.  Women can visit me between 3pm and 9pm but it will be by appointment only so no random drop-ins sorry, I live at Narara so for any women on the Central Coast who want to get a fitting please email me at

I’m not a professional fitter by trade and don’t have a certificate, I like to be upfront about that but I can fit you and help you out.  I accept cash, Paypal on the spot as well as bank deposit and I can accept credit card payments via Paypal as well.  I pretty much have at least 1 of every size, once we work out your size you can order in some more styles in your size and they can be posted to you a few days after.  So it is small for now but I’m hoping it can evolve and get bigger over time.  You gotta start somewhere right?

So please spread the word about my new store especially to any Central Coast ladies (NSW Australia) as you can’t really find anything above a G-cup around here and bras above a E-cup can be plain and not very pretty so I want to help them out and let them know that there are gorgeous bras out there in the larger cup.  Curvy Kate bras are available in size 6 to 18 D-cup to K-cup as well as 20 to 22 D-cup to G-cup as well as underwear from size 8 to 22.  Wish me luck!

♥ Brood

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