Will the Curvy Kate Lottie bra set win me over the 2nd time around?

For those of you who are long time readers you will remember that I have previously done a review of the Curvy Kate Lottie bra back in January and I discovered that it is the only un-padded bra that doesn’t suit me.  I tried the Lottie Indigo Wine bra as it was the first Lottie bra released, I had always wanted to give another Lottie bra a go down the track in-case something changed, so I have chosen for my second go the Lottie Midnight Black Bra and for the first time the Lottie shorts (the g-string is pictured below).

The midnight blue colour is a great alternative for women who live in black bras and dark clothing (which is me) as there are no bright colours to show through under your shirt.  I like the colours of this bra so I had my fingers crossed that it might work better for now but it wasn’t meant to be.

So here is me in a 14K (36K UK sizing), at a glance there is nothing wrong with the bra, it gives great coverage, looks pretty on but for me it purely comes down to the shape it gives me, I lose my roundness and I feel like I’m wearing a minimizer.

These pics do highlight that I have one breast slightly bigger than the other which is normal and I feel I have more cup coverage than my other Curvy Kate bras so for those who are in-between sizes I would suggest going down a cup size.

In my opinion I don’t see this bra not fitting me a bad thing, I see it is a great opportunity for those who have longer and narrower breasts as opposed to round breasts like mine.  Also it would be great for those who don’t want their boobs sitting under their chin as it gives off a more relaxed slope look, it is not my choice in style but it will be for others.

This bra will suit women who are not very full on top, with the other Curvy Kate bras they don’t have to be lying completely flat across the cup top but I find that this one looks best completely flush along the top of the breast.  I am very centre and top heavy which is why my cups don’t always sit flat across the top.  As you can see in the above pic my breast is fully encased in the cup and the band sits horizontal all the way around which is the correct way to wear a bra.

The cup is split into two with the thicker material at the bottom with a mesh upper cup and it is gorgeously adorned with black roses along the cup line.  I also like how they incorporate the black into the straps and edging (you will see in a later pic) in the bra as it breaks up all the blue.  It does disappoint me that it doesn’t suit as there are some gorgeous colour ways in this style but besides the shaping I love everything else.

I would love to hear some feedback from other larger cup sized women as I have fitted this onto a 16GG and a 14HH and the bra looked great on them.  In my opinion I think once it starts hitting the J-cup range I think that the weight of the breast becomes to heavy for the sheer mesh and it can’t lift it up thus creating the ski slope look.  I would love to see this on another J-cup/JJ-cup/K-cup woman to see if my theory works.  If you find some of the other Curvy Kate bras don’t work for you give the Lottie a go.

I must be getting game the older I get because I have decided to include a back pic as it will help highlight the firm fitting on back fat.  My back band needs to be very firm which means it doesn’t sit in alignment with my back fat, it sits in further which does look like a reverse muffin top but for me to get full support the bra needs to hug me tightly and squish my back fat, if it didn’t pull me in my bra would move around and give me less support.  This bra is brand new so it is very firm but after a wash or two and some wear it will be a bit more of a relaxed fit.

I do suggest to my customers who are not used to such firm bras to grab a bra extender to give you an extra hook for you to get used to the new fit, basically you are breaking yourself into the new bra, there is no shame in using an extender for a little bit, it is a better alternative to a stretched back band and ripping the bra off within an hour so you can breathe.

Now for the shorts!  I wanted to include a stock pic to show off the side of the shorts with the split as on my body the split doesn’t look the same.

I am wearing black underwear underneath the Lottie shorts because they are sheer except for the front middle panel and I didn’t think the world needs to see that much of my flesh.  This is the first time I have included a shot of the pants from behind, I don’t think my ass is a great feature of mine so that is why it hasn’t been in previous blogs but I have wanted to include them in the past to show off how much great coverage they do give your bottom.  I find they cover more of my back than they do the front.  I do love that these shorts are different to the other shorts by including the split on the side, adds a sexy touch.  Honestly they do look better on a thinner person but are still completely wearable on a plus size figure, I am wearing the size 22 shorts.

A friend of mine in the past has also reviewed the Lottie Bra and I wanted to include her blog in this as she is a different size to me and shows that the bra does work, check it out over at Invest In Your Chest.  Another friend of mine in another size has also reviewed the Lottie in the Lavender Coral colour, you can check it out at A Sophisticated Pair.

So I was sad that this didn’t work for me and I also wondered what I would now do with the bra as I had paid for it (I pay for all of my Curvy Kate lingerie, they are not donations and no one pays me or influences my opinion) and feels like bit of a waste hence why all the tags are still on it, these bras I use for my blog are not ones I have stocked for the website, I don’t re-sell the items I wear for my blog.  I took my pics and then went to jump in the shower, was grabbing clothes to wear and I knew I was staying home today so I didn’t want to wear one of my better bras, I feel like it is a waste sitting around the house in them and then all of a sudden I thought “I can make the Lottie bra my house bra”, doesn’t matter that I don’t have a round shape, I will be supported, comfortable and it saves the bras I like for when I leave the house so I’m very happy that I have now found a use for it.

For a more professional definition of the Lottie set this is how Curvy Kate describe the bra

Styled with a lower satin cup with rich sheer-mesh lace over a smart midnight base, the collection radiates classic charm and feminine appeal. Decorated with a gorgeous embroidered floral burst across the cups with adorable ribbon bow detailing in a contrasting black finish. Supportive, underwired cups provide a flattering shape and fit. Adjustable shoulder straps fasten with two hooks at the back (three for larger sizes), across three columns. 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane.  Now the shorts.

Complete the look with a matching short styled in smooth satin over a smart midnight base. The collection radiates classic charm and feminine appeal, decorated with a gorgeous embroidered floral burst with adorable ribbon bow detailing in a contrasting black finish. Good overall coverage, fit and shape. 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

I do have a few of this bra and shorts in my shop at www.broodsbigbras.com.au

In closing it is a very pretty everyday style of bra, it is obviously also very popular as it is being included in the next season of Curvy Kate’s catalogue and will be their first print pattern on an un-padded bra.

So it is one to have in your collection and the tags have been taken off bra and it is now also a part of my collection, I’m wearing it right now!

♥ Brood

P.s. None of my personal photos are edited, no photoshopping and are completely raw, I only crop and add a watermark to my images, what you see is what you get.  I love the Curvy Kate models and I do these reviews so that plus size women and larger cupped women can see how the lingerie would look on them, I do not endorse my size or think it is desirable or sexy, I purely use my body as a mannequin for the bras with no messages behind it except that if you are this size or near it, this is how the lingerie looks at that size :)

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6 Responses to Will the Curvy Kate Lottie bra set win me over the 2nd time around?

  1. Fussy Busty says:

    I reviewed the Lottie in this post:


    I had the same experience. The shape was soooooo off. I think you’re right that the differences in the material are what causes the problem in the upper end of the cup range.

    • brood16j says:

      Looks like the theory might be on the ball then above a HH cup. If you don’t mind me asking what is your underbust measurement? I’m looking at your pics and I wonder if you would be better in a 16/38K, so I’m taking you down a back size but up a cup size as the 16/38JJ is the equivalent of a 18/40J. Reason I ask is because I’m sitting here trying to compare your shape and boobs to mine and thinking they could be similar, well an 14/36K is the same size as a 18/40J so I’m just wondering if the 16/38K might be better. Daily Boost I would suggest staying in the 18/40 coz it is super firm. By the way goodluck at your first meet and greet today :)

      • Fussy Busty says:

        My underbust measurement is 40.5″. I’ve found that I might want to try a 38 in CK (and definitely in Elomi) as the bands tend to be roomier. But I would definitely agree about the Daily Boost. I couldn’t really get the fit right in the DB, so I probably won’t try that one again.

      • brood16j says:

        I measure about 41 inches and wear a 36K so if you can easily get a hold of a 38K I’d be interested to see how it fits

  2. I think the Lottie is just a style that doesn’t scale well. It doesn’t seem to be suited for women past a GG which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but perhaps CK should think about lowering the cup size range. I was never crazy about the shape on mine (30HH), and I felt like the completely vacant sheer top panel looked . . . off. I enjoyed your review though, Brood!

    • brood16j says:

      I’ve been getting a few similar comments Erica agreeing with my theory that the Lottie doesn’t seem to work as well past a certain size, I reckon if the satin cup was sitting about an inch higher it would have a better fit, the mesh just sits to far down in my opinion. Glad you enjoyed the review :)

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