Broods interview with the beautiful Curvy Kate model Laura Butler!

Next up in the Curvy Kate model interviews is the beautiful Laura Butler who is actually my favourite lingerie model ever (not just saying that because she has let me interview her, I truly mean it), regular Curvy Kate fans will have seen Laura in quite a few catalogues and she joins us today to talk about her time with the fuller bust brand Curvy Kate, welcome Laura.

I discovered Curvy Kate about 2 years ago now and you have been around for longer than that, because your competition was in 2008 I had to do some research because it was before I came along, I wasn’t aware that your competition was actually called Brastop Star In A Bra and it was the first of its kind, what was it that stood out to you that made you want to be a part of this competition?

I opened an email from Brastop and saw the competition posted back in 2008 (I think it was 2008) and I knew straight away that I had to enter.  I had always, and still do, loved the Wonderbra ‘Hello Boys’ advert with Eva Herzigova and dreamed of doing a shoot like that and this was my opportunity to do so, so I went for it.  Now 4 years later I am still here.  I acted on instinct and it did me proud.

Well they say to always trust your instincts and looks like it worked for you, what do you remember the most from your first photo shoot?

The house where the shoot was held was stunning; there was lots of yummy food, the people and photographer (Alison Webster who still shoots us) were amazing and I felt like a princess being pampered.  Not many people know that I am a huge tomboy who cannot do hair and make-up so having it done for me and being pampered was just the best experience ever.

I would never of guessed that you were a huge tomboy.  What was your reaction when you found out that you came third?

I was in a clothes shop when I got the phone call from Hannah Houston telling me that I had come 3rd and I was so happy.  First, second or third I was just glad that I got to take part in a photo shoot for a magazine.  It was all surreal and my family and friends were so proud.  I didn’t think I would make it that far in all honesty so the fact people had voted was amazing.  Back then the SIAB competition was not as huge as it is now and although it was done online the social networking element wasn’t as big so it was a lot more relaxed.

How long after the comp were you given the amazing opportunity to be a Curvy Kate regular model and how did it come about?

I really cannot remember.  There was never a time that they turned around and said ‘Laura will you model for us regularly.’  It just happened.  Like most things that are just ‘meant to be’ I just fitted with the brand and they fitted with me.  At the time of Bratsop SIAB Curvy Kate was in its early stages and was being sold online at but it hadn’t been launched as a brand in its own right.  When they decided to launch it Brastop SIAB had not long finished and I was just there whenever they needed a hand as I was in a flexible job.  I remember being a Curvy Kate’s first ever trade show in Harrogate, UK and the brand exploded onto the lingerie scene with rave reviews so I was there from the start and people just started to associate me with the brand.  Some people still think my name is Kate!

I should re-name this blog “Interview with Kate from Curvy Kate” just for those people.  It is a big dream for a lot of women to get dressed up, pampered and to be in multiple pieces of gorgeous lingerie, I for one am quite envious, do you do any special preparation before your shoots?

The main preparation is waxing and a spray tan (if I need one).   You do have to wash your hair the night before or morning of the shoot and leave products out of it and then making sure I wear clothes to travel in that will not mark me.  There is nothing worse than ending up with jean or sock marks for a shoot so as soon as I get to the location it is clothes off (including lingerie) and into a dressing gown!

So now when people see the Star In A Bra girls in the behind the scenes shots all wearing dressing gowns they know why.  After the photo shoots how do you come back down from the high of it all?

Well as I previously said, I am a tomboy at heart so love wearing baggy clothes and jeans.  I am not overly girlie and do not wear much make up so as soon as the shoot is done my baggy clothes are back on, my hair is thrown up and make up is taken off.  If it is a weekend shoot though and we are going out for a meal after the shoot I leave it on and make the most of someone making me look nice for a night out!  It is one of life’s little luxuries.

When I’ve done photo shoots in the past I’ve always tried to do them of a Saturday for the same reason, so I can go out afterwards looking hot and all glammed up, so I can relate there.  You have done some traveling with Curvy Kate, where has this competition taken you around the world?

All over the UK, Paris and New York.  Not bad ay!  I fell in love with New York when I was over there helping with SIAB USA.  It was out of this world.

Ever fancy coming to Australia?

Yes please!  I would love to go Australia.  It is on my list of places to go and if I ever had the chance to travel there with Curvy Kate I would but you have your own SIAB unfortunately but if I am ever there I will make sure to pay you a visit!

You just made my year saying that we can catch up, it’s a date!  A few Star In A Bra contestants world wide either had their own blogs or started them after the comp, were you ever interested in the idea of blogging and if so what would you talk about?

I really do not think I am interesting enough to have a blog.  I did start one once though.  It was a bucket list of 100 things I wanted to do but it was for me rather than anyone else so I took it down as I felt it was too personal for the internet.  If I did have one it would probably be about teaching and modelling and the difficulties you face with stereotypes etc and the pressures of doing two things you love and are passionate about that don’t necessarily go together.  Alternatively my new puppy that I am in love with!  I could write about him all day every day! Ha.  My final option would be Twilight.  As a Twihard I am sad enough to know enough about it all to dedicate a blog to it!

I like the idea of doing the teaching/modeling pressures etc, if you ever do create it I will put a link on my blogroll for you.  What are some of your biggest achievements since this all began in 2008?

Appearing in magazine and catalogues still blows my mind but at the same time feels completely normal.  I open emails from shops that I shop in and I am in them and it’s so funny that that’s me.  Sometimes I think I see ‘me’ and the ‘model me’ as separate people and even after nearly 5 years that feeling doesn’t change.  It will always be surreal.  My friends send me pictures of places they have seen me and things I am in and it makes me proud.  Being a Curvy Kate model also seen me land a job where I was on a billboard and on the back of buses which I am extremely proud of as I always wanted to be on a billboard.  I never got to see it though so I don’t know if it counts!  My biggest achievement though, as cheesy as it sounds, is just helping others realise their dream or making someone feel better about themselves.  So many people contact me saying I was the reason they did something and as a teacher I have only ever wanted to make a difference so every person that says something like that to me makes me a little more proud and I do not think there is any bigger achievement than that.  No magazine or billboard or catalogue can top that.

Some amazing achievements there.  Are you recognised when you are out in public?

Never.  I am so different in real life.  My friends laugh at the fact I am a lingerie model as you will never meet anyone as non-girlie as me.  I rarely wear a lot of make-up and always dress down as I am just happy being me.  I am happy in my own skin but just as happy dressed up to but just if someone else does my hair and make-up!  I suppose the me in photos and me in real life are polar opposites and unless you know it is me you would never guess!

Some women are concerned about entering a lingerie competition because they fear it may interfere with their jobs/careers, your job as a teacher some would consider this not a normal profession to be associated with lingerie modelling but you manage this, how do you do it and overcome it all?

I don’t manage anything and I think that is the key.  I believe that if you make something an issue then it becomes an issue so I just let them be.  I do not let modelling get in the way of teaching and as long as that stays that way then there should never be a problem.  They are both a fundamental part of me and without one of these elements I just wouldn’t be me so there is no other option but for it to work.  I am very strong minded on that though and it takes guts to stand up for what you believe in.  I happen to have that trait.  If you are like me in that respect then go for something like this but if you are of a more sensitive nature then caution is something you definitely need to take.  Not everyone can handle the pressure or attention and if everyone could the world but be a boring place.  Variety is the spice of life.

Valuable advice there, you have seen so many women come and go each year with the comps, do you feel a bit like their big sister each time a new season rolls around?

At first I do.  I step into teacher mode and try to help them find out how to hold their body to make the lingerie look good and help build up confidence by telling them when they look good but after a while of them watching me or having a practise they just start to get it.  It is a natural progress and with the team and photographer we get them there.  It is a team effort but we are like a family in some respects so a big sister is not a bad call especially as I am older than most!

Are you still friends with any of the previous contestants?

Yes.  I class Lauren as a close friend.  We get on like a house on fire and as well as liking her as a person I also admire her as a model.  She’s beautiful inside and out – how could I not love her?  Lizzie is also someone I speak to regularly.  She is adorable and I love the fact she is older than me too. Ha.  We all meet up whenever we can.  I saw them all a couple of weeks back where we got together for someone’s birthday from Curvy Kate.

Lizzie rocks and I can proudly say I’ve supported her since her Top 30 days, haven’t had the pleasure of talking to Lauren though, hopefully one day.  Have you learnt any life lessons along the way?

Many. So many.  Firstly that wearing the right bra is imperative and I make it my mission to educate all I can on this.  Secondly that sometimes other people are just better for something and despite you wanting something so bad, it doesn’t make it right for you.  It has made me realise that life doesn’t always go as you planned but it will go how it is meant to go.  I am a massive believer in fate and my journey with Curvy Kate has just cemented this belief.  Finally that people are different, variety is the spice of life… therefore not everyone is going to like you, you are not going to like everyone but we don’t have to so now I don’t try.  I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea so I work towards my strengths, work on my weaknesses and try not to care about pleasing everyone as that is impossible and insane to try to do!  When I learnt this lesson I became more content with myself and with life and in turn this is what made me happier.

Since getting involved with bras I have the (bad) habit of always checking out ladies bras to see if they fit wrong and any problems and I just would love to go up to some women to suggest Curvy Kate bras to them and be a bra angel, are you now like this and wanting to approach women and teach them on how a bra should fit?

I don’t want to do this, I actually do this! Ha.  Even my friends and family recommend Curvy Kate.

It is one of those things I think we will never be able to escape.  The most recent Star In A bra was in the USA, it was their first year, you joined them for the photo shoot but not as a model but for more behind the scenes stuff, how did it feel not being the one walking around in lingerie and being fully clothed?

It was amazing.  You see, the reason I work with Curvy Kate is that I believe in the brand.  I always have and always will so being a model is not the main objective; it is working for a brand I love.  So modelling, bra fitting, selling…. I don’t care what I do for them I just want to be a part of the family.

I love that you have so much passion for the brand, I feel the same the way, I don’t just sell them because I can, I sell them because I believe in their product 100% and want to do as much as I can to raise awareness of them.  Out of all the photos you have had taken, which is your absolute favourite?

My favourite photo ever is in the first thrill me set in black and white.  I have Marilyn Monroe style hair, killer lashes and I am holding the straps of the bra and looking down.  It takes my breath away when I look at it.  I think ‘Is that me?’  It is going to be a photo I look back at in years to come and smile from ear to ear.

That is a stunning pic but then I am a bit biased and think that all your pics are stunning.  Knowing what you do now, if you wanted to enter Star In A Bra again, would you do things differently compared to what you did back in 2008?

It is a totally different competition now as Social Networking in its popularity has changed the goal posts.  It is more a popularity contest now with girls drumming up as many votes as they can rather than it being people deciding who would be best for the brand, although I think voters got it spot on with Krista Cousins in the US version of SIAB.  I never had to do that when I entered.  I never approached any newspapers, radios or TV stations.   But saying that many people vote who do not know anyone and so far every winner has been excellent so maybe it hasn’t changed much it is just now on a bigger scale!  I really don’t think I would do anything different, I can’t be anyone I am not so I can’t see how I could do something different.

I think the world made a great choice with Krista and I can’t wait to see what she can do to represent the brand.  Any funny moments you are able to share from a photo shoot?

Too many.  Lots of eating, falling over, rolling around trying to get good shots.  There is just generally lots of fun and giggles at a shoot but there needs to be as we have so much to do and get through, if you didn’t laugh you would just fail under pressure! Ha.

One of my Gold Members Hayley who is looking at entering the Aussie one this year has asked how shocked were you when the country welcomed and accepted you as a lingerie model during your Star In A Bra season?

I was very shocked.  I didn’t expect woman to be as welcoming as they were as an individualistic culture woman tend to be harsh against woman who put themselves out there instead of a ‘girl power’ culture and I did expect lots of hurtful comments but I have never came across one.  It was more ‘girl power’ than anything and that is nothing but encouraging.

Back to me, what is the strangest question you have been asked that is to do with modelling?

I do not think there is one but then again I am of the mindset that no question is a silly question.

What do you think it is about Curvy Kate that makes the brand so popular?

It was made with us in mind.  They saw a gap in the market and filled it.  It is not an un-necessary brand but a very needed one and put that together with real woman models and pretty well fitted bras and you have a winner!

Very well said I’m sure CK will be happy with that response.  Is it surprising seeing your face and body used in multiple websites and advertising campaigns for the brand or is it something that you get used to after a while?

I will never get used to it.  As I said earlier it feels so normal yet so surreal.  I seriously do think that I look at myself as two people – ‘me’ and ‘model me’.  I think that helps you cope with it all.

A bit like there is you and an alter ego you, what advice would you give the down under Australian ladies who are considering entering Star In A Bra?

  • Be sure that you are strong enough to enter.  It is on Facebook so it is a public forum and if people want to be nasty, they will.  You have to be dignified in dealing with this.
  • Enter for the right reasons.
  • Do not take it too seriously.
  • Remember it is plus size boobs, not bodies so you can enter at any body size as long as you fit into the bras.
  • Have fun with it and makes friends – not enemies.
  • Enjoy the ride it takes you on, you never know when it is going to end so don’t wish it away at any second.
  • Think before you speak or act.  Don’t be the nasty one.
  • Don’t ever assume that you will win and never assume someone else won’t win and equally vice versa.
  • Finally, do not let it consume your life.  This competition is not bigger than you and nor should it be.  Remember you are being judged against a lot of other woman and if you don’t get through it doesn’t mean you are not good enough, it just means that on this occasion you were not what they were looking for.  This should not make you feel bad about yourself and if you think it will then reconsider entering.

Very important and priceless advice, ladies take note!  Any closing comments?

Never strive to be anyone other than yourself as you will just end up disappointed.

Fantastic, thank you so much for taking the time to answer the questions and I hope we can do this again down the track.

Thank you for asking me.  You are welcome at any time to ask me anything. xxx

To enter the Curvy Kate Australia Star In A Bra competition click here!

♥ Brood

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Broods interview with the Curvy Kate Australia Star In A Bra 2011 winner Julia McLean!

With the Curvy Kate Australia Star In A Bra competition now open (enter here) I wanted to talk to some of the ladies who have been apart of it all and to give you the encouragement to enter this year, first up is last years winner and first Australian SIAB winner Julia McLean!

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule for this interview, it is so
great to finally get a chance to chat. For those who don’t know Julia won the first Curvy Kate Australia Star In A Bra competition last year and will soon be handing over the title to this year’s winner, can you give the readers a bit of background info of who you are and what you do please?

I’m Julia, I’m 20 years old and I live with my family on Brisbane’s north side. I’m
currently studying business and law at QUT and I’m half way through my third year.
When I’m not studying, I do some work at my mum’s market research firm, I play
hockey, dance, cook, play with my two beagles and spend a lot of time with friends
and family.

Last year you entered the competition through Facebook, what was it that motivated you to enter?

Last year I was motivated to enter by a friend Robyn, the owner of Arianne on
Edward (a lingerie store in Brisbane’s CBD), who suggested that I enter SIAB. I hadn’t
heard of Curvy Kate before the competition, so I did a bit of research on previous
competitions in the UK and just fell in love with the entire concept. It was so
refreshing to see that the brand of Curvy Kate was using everyday women to model
their lingerie. At once, I knew that I would love to be able to support the brand’s
positive ethos. I just wanted to spread the message of being happy and confident
in who you are, and that curves should not be hidden, but instead be accentuated,
celebrated and supported by fabulous, well-fitting lingerie!

A big thankyou to Robyn then for getting you to enter.  Once you finally bit the bullet and decided to have a go, how easy was the process and how did you enter?  (You can now submit your entries via this link)

It was actually quite easy – it was all through the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page. There are heaps of instructions on the Facebook page, the Star In A Bra website, on the Curvy Kate blog and on independent blogs, so there’s lots of help out there!

A great list of resources there, you went from being accepted into the Top 20 and then voted into the Top 5 which meant you got to go for a professional photo shoot wearing the Curvy Kate lingerie with the other 4 ladies, at most of the shoots a lot of the ladies are re-fitted into their correct size, did you need to be refitted?

As I mentioned before, I had been shopping at the specialty store Arianne before the
competition. About 6 months prior to SIAB, I had been properly fitted – I went from
a 12DD/10E to an 8FF/F! So at the shoot I was lucky enough to already be wearing
my correct bra size.

Wow a considerable difference in bra sizes there, at least now you are in your correct size which is so important.  Quite a few of the ladies who make the top 20 and top 30 (overseas) become great friends afterwards, do you still keep in touch with any of the other finalists?

I only got to meet the top 5 finalists, all of which were such beautiful women. Given
that we came from different cities and from very different walks of life, it has been
difficult to keep in contact after the competition. So generally we just connect on
Facebook, keep up to speed on what we’re all up to, and have the odd chat.

That is nice to hear there is still some communication.  After the photo shoot came the campaigning, how much time did you put into
promoting yourself and how important is self campaigning for the ladies this year?

I came into the SIAB competition with the mentality that “I’m only going to have
this opportunity once, so I’d better put in my absolute all!”. I didn’t want to have
any regrets or think that I could’ve done more or put more effort in. With regards
to campaigning, I hit the ground running. I was able to contact local print media
who ran a few stories. I also visited Curvy Kate retailers, put up posters and spread
the word via Facebook. My friends and family were great too; contacting extended
family, old friends and just drumming up support in general. It is so important to
expand your networks and take advantage of every contact you have!

When campaigning, one thing I learnt is that you have to have a thick skin, especially when dealing with media and press. Some people will be interested in your story, but others will simply turn their nose up at you. During the competition, I just thought that the more places I hit, the greater my chance would be to get some press coverage and exposure!

All that hard work definitely paid off!  Jumping forward to the day of the winner announcement, when you found out that you won what were you most excited about and how did you celebrate your win?

When I found out that I’d won, it was just all very surreal. It didn’t sink in for a while.
When it finally did, I think I was just incredibly excited to meet everyone at Curvy
Kate. I couldn’t believe that I was going to meet, let alone “model” beside the two
main CK faces, Laura and Lauren! I think at the time I had a bit of a crush on both of
them! I was also pretty excited about the prospect of going to LONDON to shoot the
catalogue. Having never been to England before, I was ready to seriously “get my
tourist on”.

It’s ok I have bit of a crush on the gorgeous girls as well.  Not long after you were whisked away to the UK for your big catalogue photo shoot with the other gorgeous Curvy Kate models, what was going through your mind while standing on set right before your first photo was taken?

I was pretty overwhelmed! Just before I stepped in front of the camera, Hannah
from Curvy Kate had shown me an old catalogue and told me that I could pull
some of the trademark “CK moves”… So when the camera was pointed my way,
my mind was just trying to co-ordinate my limbs (right arm here, left leg there) and
concentrating on trying not to look completely ridiculous!

Hannah is awesome, walk us through the day of the shoot and what it was like meeting Laura, Lauren and Lizzie and the rest of the CK team?

The shoot was such an incredible experience. It was so fast paced, from beginning
to end. I loved meeting Laura, Lauren, and Lizzie, even though I was a tad intimidated
standing between the “seasoned professionals”! But they were all so lovely and I
could not have asked for a better group of girls to spend those two days with. The
Curvy Kate team, including Alison their photographer, was an incredible bunch of
people to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the people who put so much
hard work into building this brand that I have grown to love. I also really enjoyed
experiencing first hand the process that goes into shooting an entire catalogue.
After the two-day shoot I was so exhausted and a bit sad that it was all over. I truly
wanted to do it all over again!

You could tell in your photos that you were having the time of your life, how was the experience over in the UK?

The UK was great! I was in London for about 10 days, so I was able to do a bit of
sightseeing and shopping after the shoot was all wrapped up. I was also really lucky
because my dad was in London at the time travelling for work, so we were able to do
some sightseeing and exploring together.

How lovely, you looked stunning in your shoot and look like you have been a part of the CK family for years, which photo out of the shoot are you most proud of?

Thank you!! You are too sweet Brood! I was so happy with how the AW12 catalogue
came out, but I think my favourite photo is probably the one of Lauren and I in the
white and nude Emily bras. I’m also really proud of the photo on the inside cover
where I got to wear the new teal princess bra. I think I just look really happy! It
brings back such great memories from those two days.

Both of them are great, I can definitely see why you love them, what did you enjoy the most out of the UK trip?

I’d have to say the shoot! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never

I bet it would have been hard coming down from that high and returning home to a normal life, was life different for you after the competition and did people treat you differently?

It was a bit strange coming back to reality after having such an incredible experience.
People didn’t really treat me differently afterwards, which I was really relieved
about. The only thing that was a bit different was that I got a lot of questions and
comments from people asking how the competition went and wanting to hear all about the trip! I was so lucky that I had an overwhelmingly positive reaction. My family, friends and even extended networks of acquaintances were incredibly supportive but also very inquisitive. It was a great opportunity to spread Curvy Kate’s message of encouraging a positive body image, and it was also a good opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of bra fitting, especially for a fuller bust.

Is lingerie modelling or any modelling something that you would like to pursue or are you happy to hang up the heels and focus on your university work?

Trying my hand at modeling was something I thought I’d never get the chance to do,
given I’m only 5 foot 6 tall! I’m open to any new opportunities that may come my
way in the future, but I’m also content with the great experiences that I have had
with Curvy Kate.

That is the beauty of the comp, giving every day women the chance to be a model, I love it.  You also got a year’s worth of free Curvy Kate lingerie, what did you choose?

There was so much beautiful lingerie to choose from! I picked a few basics – Emily,
Portia and Daily Boost, as well as an Elegance set for those times where I want a
bit of va-va-voom. I also put my name down for some of the divine pieces in the
AW12 range – pretty teal Princess, a lovely Gia, leopard print Wild and Entice! I’m
so excited! Ooh and also, word along the grapevine is that there’s a Curvy Kate
convertible bra set to come out in the SS13 range… so hopefully I might get to try
that one too!

Fantastic choices there.  Being the Australian face and body of the brand, have you been recognised in the street?

Not quite Brood! Although during the SIAB competition last year, a couple of people
that I hadn’t met before came up to me at uni and told me that they had voted for
me! I didn’t realise that so many ‘friends of friends’ were showing their support. I
was so touched!

It is amazing how much word spreads on social networks, do you have any regrets from last year or wished that you had done anything

I’m really happy to say that I don’t have any regrets. I jumped in the deep end,
pushed myself out of my comfort zone and put in a lot of effort, which I am so proud
of. If I could have, maybe I would have encouraged more girls to enter too, but I
guess I’ll be doing a lot of that this year to make up for it!

Australia is known for its beaches and bikinis and hopefully soon its Star In A Bra models, what is your opinion about the difference between bikinis and lingerie?

I think that one of the main differences is that women tend to compromise on the fit
of bikinis a lot more than on the fit of lingerie. I know that D+ women struggle to find
well-fitting bikinis, and often resort to ill-fitting halter tops in the biggest size they
can find. What’s paired with this inevitable discomfort is the precarious nature of a
big bust + water + lots of movement! But lucky for us, lots of fuller-cup brands (Curvy
Kate included!) – are bringing out swimwear lines, which are an absolute godsend!
It’s such a relief that we can find supportive togs which are both really comfortable
to wear and reduce the chance of the dreaded nip-slip!

Another difference is that when you’re in your togs, you tend to be seen by a lot
more people than those who see you in your lingerie – unless you end up being a
CK model that is! In that sense, if you think that modelling for Curvy Kate might be
something that you’d like to do, a photo shoot is not really that different to walking around the beach in your bikini!

Exactly!  Swimwear and lingerie both cover the same areas and are both pieces of material in my opinion so there isn’t really much of a difference.  You will be passing on the torch soon, is there any helpful advice you can give to this year’s entrants?

I know that taking photos and entering a competition like this can be incredibly
daunting! In light of this, I’ve got a couple of tips in order to tackle those nerves:

Take your entry photos in lingerie that you love and feel great in! Taking your
piccies in your favourite sets often makes you feel more comfortable and
confident – trust me, it comes across in your photos!
If you’re nervous, make a day of it with your friend – give each other makeovers,
gorgeous hairstyles and then finally take the photos once you’re all glammed up.

Also, If you’re lucky enough to make it through to a top 30 or top 5, strike a balance
with PR. No-one likes a spammer! Target people who you think will genuinely give
you support and will follow through with voting for you. Your direct Facebook friends
list is a great place to start. Also, extended family members and family friends
are great sources of support – it’s surprising how many of your aunties, uncles,
cousins, great-second-aunts-twice-removed are on Facebook and who would love
to get involved and support you. Finally, if you have a great lingerie store that you
shop at, ask if they wouldn’t mind displaying your poster/magazine article etc. The
people that enter that store are likely to be interested in the subject matter and the
competition, and more often than not they would love to support a fellow curvy girl!

Brilliant advice, take note ladies!  One of the perks of winning is that you get to be a judge for this year, what is it going to take to get your vote and what qualities are you looking for in the lady to fill your shoes? -

Yes Brood I am lucky enough to get to be one of the judges this year.  I’m so excited that I will get the chance to help narrow down the finalists this year! I think what’s going to make entrants’ stand out is if they look confident in themselves, have an infectiously happy smile (almost seems like a CK prerequisite!) and let their personality shine through their photos.

Fan questions from one of my Gold Members Hayley who is wanting to enter this year, she wants to know how did the people closest to you feel about you being in such a revealing competition?

I was very lucky in a sense that I didn’t really have any negative reactions from my family and close friends, which I know is sometimes a worry in the context of modelling in your undies! I didn’t tell my parents (or practically anyone for that fact!) that I had entered the competition… that is until I found out that I had made the top 30 and thought that mum and dad should probably know that there are pictures of me in my knickers on Facebook! Once I had told mum and dad about the competition and explained to them what the brand of Curvy Kate was all about, they were nothing but supportive. I think at first they were a bit surprised that I had actually entered a competition like this, but in the end they were just really proud of me, so happy that I had pushed myself out of my comfort zone and had the confidence in myself to enter.

My best friends were just crazy excited from the get-go, wanting to jump on the band-wagon and support me as much as they could. I think the fact that I was surrounded by such positive people really inspired me to give my absolute all, and put 100% effort into the competition.

She also asked how has the experience changed you mentally and how does the public view you now being associated with a lingerie brand?

I didn’t think it would, but the competition actually has changed me mentally. I have
only just turned 20, and throughout my teenage years I’ve never felt completely
confident in my body. I have always compared myself to friends, and felt somewhat
inadequate because I wasn’t what I thought was the perfect “size 8 with 10C boobs”.
Having entered a competition like this and having completely put myself out
there (in front of practically everyone I know!!) has just given me a new sense of
acceptance and contentment with my body. There are always going to be days
where I don’t feel as confident in my skinny jeans, or times where I’m tempted
to compare myself to other girls, but having this experience has just put it all in
perspective for me – why push yourself to be something you’re not? You’ve put
yourself out there in a way that many people could never fathom, and everyone got
behind you and supported you. I thought that the whole “a competition like this
can totally change you” was a myth, but I’ll tell you now that it certainly isn’t. It has
changed my mindset completely, and I cannot begin to thank Curvy Kate enough for
bringing this incredible opportunity to Australian girls!

Glad to hear it was a positive change for you.  Back to me, have bras taken over your life now since the comp? For me I now check out every woman I see to guess her bra size, check to see if she has quadraboob, if the band is riding up her back and other signs of a bad fitting bra, are you also like this now since winning?

I have turned into a crazy bra lady! Like… if I’m old and lonely, I’m not going to have
cats, I’ll just harbor a ridiculous amount of beautiful lingerie. But with regards to
bad bra fitting, now I see it wherever I go! I have encouraged so many friends to get
refitted, as well as my mum, my granny and some family friends! Not one of them
has looked back since finding their “true size”. Also, since winning the competition,
I did a little bit of work at the store I mentioned earlier, Arianne, during their pre-Christmas rush last year. Helping women find really well-fitting bras was so great,
and I honestly got a rush every time I was able to help a woman walk out of the
store, in her new bra, feeling so much more confident.

Haha crazy bra lady, I love it, I reckon you and I should start a “Crazy Bra Lady” club!  Thanks to the media wrongly informing people that D-cups are huge and not realising that a D-cup changes size depending on the back band, having a smaller body do you find it hard convincing people that you are an 8FF?

This issue really gets me going! It’s just because people don’t understand how bras
are graded and how cup sizing is comparative to band sizing… Which is kind of
understandable, because explaining bra size grading to someone who has no idea is
very confusing! I do have a lot of trouble when people ask me what bra size I wear
and I respond with “between an 8F an FF, depending on the brand / make”. As soon
as they hear the letter “F”, it’s almost as if their brains go into overdrive! Sometimes
I make the point that my 8F bra cup is the same volume as a 12DD or 14D, and that
often puts it in a bit of perspective.

I have to admit it gets me going as well, I hand a card to someone and they see that the bras go to a K-cup and they go “Wow a K-cup that must be huge” and I say well I am a K-cup and they look at me disappointed and say “You don’t look that big” while I’m standing there in a loose shirt, a tiny bit of my heart breaks so I feel your pain.  I make all my marketing and promotional items and constantly use the Curvy Kate photos for this, is it strange to see your face popping up all the time on websites, posters and promo cards or is it something that you eventually get used to?

It is a bit strange! Especially with the AW12 range coming out soon (the range that
I was part of shooting), I am starting to see images of myself on Facebook, in online
stores and at CK retailers. I’m hoping that I get used to it soon, because I double take
every time I see myself!

Well I will be using your photos a lot over the coming weeks so just a heads up :)  In your opinion what do you think the Curvy Kate brand represents?

Curvy Kate represents to the everyday D+ girl that they can look and feel a million
dollars by wearing beautiful, well-fitting bras. It goes without saying that Curvy Kate
represents being confident in who you are and celebrating your curves, but I think it
really goes beyond that. Their Star in a Bra searches really send home the message
that Curvy Kate is a brand that is genuinely challenging the boundaries of modern
society’s portrayal of “beauty”. So often we are presented with the same waifer-
thin image of what it means to be beautiful, and Curvy Kate challenges this modern
ideal, highlighting that true beauty resides in women of all shapes and sizes. Curvy
Kate’s Star in a Bra competition shows that D+ lingerie can look fabulous on such a
wide variety of figures, as modeled by the ‘everyday women’ found during the SIAB

Very well said, I’m sure the CK team would be proud of your answer there, in closing any final pieces of advice for any lady thinking of entering this year but are still on the fence about it?

If any women are thinking of entering, but are a little unsure, keep this in mind:
among many things, Curvy Kate celebrates the diversity among D+ and curvy
women and strives to show how fabulous all women can look in lingerie. There’s
no ‘ideal’ or ‘mould’ that the brand is trying to fit – just take a look at previous
SIAB competitions to see the incredible range of women of different sizes, ages,
ethnicities etc. If anything, just simply entering and sending in photos can be an
incredibly liberating experience; one that can make you feel so much more confident
and sure in your self. With such an encouraging competition being run by such a
positive company, what have you got to lose? Go for it! Don’t sit there saying “Oh
maybe next year”. Push yourself and jump in the deep end, because you never know
what may happen!

I agree, GO FOR IT!  Last question, out of all the styles and colours what is your favourite Curvy Kate bra and underwear and it doesn’t have to be a matching set?

I think I’d have to say the Emily and the Elegance. The Emily fits me so well, has such
pretty embroidery and comes in so many cute colours! Also, I have recently fallen in
love with the Elegance… it gives such a great boost, but what sold me on this style
was that it is RIDICULOUSLY COMFORTABLE! So soft on the skin and the power-mesh
back band is divine.

Thankyou so much Julia, absolutely loved you’re in-depth answers and I’m sure you have helped out a lot of women make the decision to enter, hopefully we will chat again soon!

Head on over to the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page now for details on how to enter this years Star In A Bra competition or click here to enter right now

♥ Brood

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I think Curvy Kate is trying to Entice me ;)

It is such an exciting time for Curvy Kate fans as the first item of the Autumn Winter 2012 catalogue has arrived and we begin with the debut of Entice Black Gold and what a beauty it is.

Entice is apart of the Curvy Kate Showgirl collection and also uses the same sizing system.  When I saw this set in person a few months ago I was excited as it was a style rather different to the rest of the range and looked like it was heading down an elegant boudoir path.  The one word I keep coming back to describe this bra is “elegant” and part of me feels that it is a bit unfortunate that the name had already been taken for the Curvy Kate Elegance plunge bras, but in saying that, I do also like the Entice name.

Regular readers will know that I am a 14/36K who is now verging on being a 14/36KK and that the Showgirl bras are not in my size, but in the Tease Me/Thrill Me bras I kind of break all bra rules if I am getting dressed up to go out and squish into the largest size possible for my back band, the 14/36GG.  So since this blog is about comparing the styles and sizes for other women and reviewing I squished myself into this set as well.  Under the right clothing I can get away wearing the Thrill/Tease Me bras but I discovered that this is not possible in the Entice.  Let me show you to compare.

So this is me in the 14/36GG, to justify it to myself for breaking the rules on wearing the wrong size bra I compare it to a pair of gorgeous shoes that we have all owned, you know the pair that is just divine, sparkly, makes every woman envious of you and stands out, you love them and wear them out on special occasion’s but they are way to small for you, but you don’t care because you just look that damn good in them….I’m like that with these Showgirl bras.

Here is me in the Entice bra in the same size 14/36GG

As you can see the Entice bra on me is smaller and as much as I hate to admit it, it is to small for me and not wearable.  I only wear my Showgirl bras under a few dresses, so I still tried it on under a dress so you can see the comparison, here is me again in the Thrill Me

As you can see I get a nice round shape and it makes my boobs look even more awesome!  Here is me in the same dress in the Entice bra

My breasts no longer have the nice round shaping at the bottom of the cup and I bulge out the top just a bit too much.  So this review isn’t to bad mouth the bra it is mainly to suggest to my customers who like me squish into the Tease Me/Thrill Me bras that this might not be for you.  If you are more than 2 cup sizes larger than the size you normally order then I would not suggest this bra for you.

Moving onto the briefs, this was actually quite a comical moment, I was sitting in my warm lounge room and at about 2am I had a burst of energy and decided to brave the freezing cold back room that has no heating, strip and put on the Entice underwear and take some pics for the blog.  I got the bra pics done fine, I was lowering the tripod to take a pic of the briefs, I’m standing there with the timer counting down and then all of a sudden everything went black, then a flash and then black again…..we just had a blackout!  So I’m standing in the dark in my underwear in the freezing cold shuffling around the room full of junk to get to a torch without falling over!

Got the torch and realised that we were going to be in the dark for quite some time and I thought, there’s nothing stopping me from taking more pics, the camera has a flash so I kept going, I’m such a trooper haha, so here is my brief pic in the dark room.

In the Thrill/Tease Me I wear a 20 because that is the largest they go so I went for the 20 in this, I find the Thrill/Tease Me shorts and high-waisted briefs fit me fine (I will review these soon) but the Entice briefs were a little bit tight around the edges.  I was pleased that I could get them on for starters, being a big girl it’s always a little goal when something new fits, I did feel very held in and supported, like it was tucking my stomach in but in a good way, I just found that the seams along my thighs was tight after a few minutes of wear.  So ladies who are in-between sizes or are finding their current size a bit tight, go up a size in these.  If they came in a 22 I would be all over these in a flash.

So I wanted to work out why this was a different fit to the other bras as most Curvy Kate fans know, if you find your size you pretty much stick with it across the range.  So I grabbed both bras to compare and I found that the height is exactly the same on both the Thrill Me and the Entice if you didn’t include the ruffles, the ruffles make the Thrill Me look higher.

The other difference is that the strap sits further along the cup which I actually liked, it also is a bit wider before it hits the bow.  So for me I found that the cup is a bit shallower and that is why I couldn’t squish into it as well.  I actually think this would suit ladies who want the breasts touching each other kind of cleavage as opposed to the separated cleavage look.

If this was larger I would wear this in a heartbeat, it is divine and gives off a sexy but sophisticated look, also upon closer inspection the lines on the cup are tiny little butterflies, how adorable.  The straps are fully adjustable to the bow on the strap with 2 hooks on the back for the smaller sizes and 3 hooks for the larger sizes.

The briefs on the back have 2 layers of material with a hint of sheer-ness.

To sum up, size wise if you are on the verge of needing to size up in your other bras then go up a cup size when ordering the Entice, same deal with the pants, if your current pants are getting a little firm then I would suggest sizing up as well.  If you find that the other bras and pants are fitting you fine then stick with your normal sizing, you may just get a bit extra cleavage and there is nothing wrong with that ;)

♥ Brood

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The Curvy Kate bra that treats you like a Princess

The wait is finally over Curvy Kate fans my Princess review is here!  I’ve done Angel, Portia, Emily, Romance, Lottie and Daily Boost, so there was only one more un-padded bra left to review out of the current collection, I would have done this one awhile ago but I was waiting until I had the matching shorts to go with it so that I could include those in the blog.  So let’s go!

Curvy Kate Princess Black Bra is in 3rd position for me in my line of favourite un-padded bras and it is also my first choice in bras to sleep in as well because of its super comfort factor.  I don’t sleep in new bras, I have an older style Princess Aqua White bra that I sleep in which got plenty of use before it became a sleeping bra, but sleep aside if I had to describe this bra in one word it would be “comfortable”.  Now don’t get me wrong I find all the bras comfortable, I wouldn’t wear them or sell them otherwise but there is just something about Princess that makes you forget after a while that you’re even wearing a bra.

There are 2 things that separates this bra from the other Curvy Kate bras and the first thing is the raised dots, they are not a printed dot but are actually on top of the material, so you do have to sometimes watch what you are wearing shirt wise because the dots can be seen underneath certain materials such as satin or figure hugging cotton tops.  Some people might be put off by this and wonder why a company would produce a bra with this effect, well there are obviously a lot of women out there who don’t mind because it is one of the most popular Curvy Kate bra styles and also they keep producing new colours in it each season so plenty of women don’t seem to have a problem with it, myself included.

I am wearing my usual size 14K which is also known as 36K in UK sizing, I am noticing though that I am bulging out the top of the bra a little bit more than usual, but it is also happening with my other bras which is making me think I am now a 14KK (Curvy Kate help!) but I am still being supported by the bra and I’m not causing any tissue damage (compared to the bras I used to wear a few years ago) with that slight bulge, granted the Curvy Kate bras are not full cup bras they are balconette bras but I reckon I could do with that one extra size.

This is why you should get re-fitted every 4-6 months because your size changes frequently, what fit you 6 months ago might not be a good fit for you now.

The other difference with Princess is that it is the only Curvy Kate bra that doesn’t have fully adjustable straps, it has a pretty floral design on the front part of the strap with the adjustable part in the back, with my other straps I have the strap sitting in roughly the same spot as I would on Princess if the pattern wasn’t there so I cope just fine with this style of strap, for those who have the strap pulled almost as tight as it can go in the other styles then the Princess would not be right for you.

Thought I’d chuck in a Curvy Kate catalogue pic for you to see how it sits on them.

Emma on the left is a 10G (32G) and Laura on the right is an 8GG (30GG).

Now onto the shorts!

Here I am wearing the size 22 in the shorts, like all the other shorts these are not meant to sit around your belly button they sit around your hips.  Now they are also completely see through (don’t bother zooming haha) all the way around, I toyed with how I was going to display the shorts without editing because regular fans of my blog will know that I don’t edit my pics they are 100% raw and un-touched, I just add a watermark, so I thought how on earth do I model sheer underwear…..then I remembered my Curvy Kate Daily Boost Nude Briefs from my previous blog, problem solved!  So yes I am wearing the nude briefs underneath and if I must say I hid them really well from the camera.

Comfortable as well, the front has a boy leg short fit, if I didn’t have big thighs you would see this so here is a pic to show that from someone with smaller thighs -

On the back of the shorts though I find that they sit like a brief and don’t ride up like other boy leg shorts do.  There is a ribbon going across the top of the waist of the shorts, I don’t find that it digs in at all, yes you can see that it sits there but I find it is like the bra ribbon really, looks nice and you don’t really notice it there when wearing it until you see it in photos.  Just be careful when you or someone else is taking the pants off as you don’t want to rip the ribbon that is interlaced into the floral pattern, but if you do, don’t worry you can still wear the pants without it.

Princess comes in 3 standard colours, Black, White and Nude with the matching Shorts and G-strings (available at

It also comes in different colours each season, in the up-coming Autumn Winter 2012 catalogue the new colour will be Teal Blush modeled here by Australia’s first Curvy Kate Star In A Bra winner for 2011 Julia (keep a close eye out on my Facebook page and the Curvy Kate Australia Facebook page for info about this year’s comp).

Princess bras are available in sizes 6-18 in D-cup to K-cup (28-40 D-cup to K-cup UK sizing)

Princess bras also extend into sizes 20 and 22 going from D-cup to G-cup (42-44 D-cup to G-cup)

The matching shorts and g-strings range from size 8 up to 22, so Princess really is one of the bras that caters for most women.

I just want to side step quickly, it is common knowledge that some bloggers receive free items to review for their blogs, companies give them products for free hoping that they get a glowing review for them.  This is not the case for me, I DO NOT receive free products from Curvy Kate, I actually pay for and purchase every single bra, short and g-string that I review.  Yes I sell these products but I review the Curvy Kate lingerie from a personal perspective to help all ladies especially the larger cupped and larger sized ladies so that they can see how they fit.  I do not get paid to do these reviews and no one tells me what to say and no one tells me which items to review, they are 100% completely my own words and no one else’s, I love doing this and I am passionate about it which is why I do it, so there are no freebies to sway my opinion, it is all me and how I feel about each Curvy Kate product.

In closing the Curvy Kate Princess bra is a bra that should be apart of every woman’s wardrobe, it is comfortable, supportive and pretty but not over the top, it is a bra you can wear daily including the underwear and also if you happen to have a quick nap during the day while wearing the bra you won’t wake up in dis-comfort, everything will still be in place :)

♥ Brood




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Breaking the “D-cups are huge” myth!

Did you know that a 12D bra and a 14D bra are not the same cup size?  If this shocks you then you need to continue reading this blog!

Thanks to running an online bra store I now cringe every time I hear/see a woman say that they are a D-cup, not because I have anything against D-cups but purely because every single one of them has way more than a handful in the chest department and are clearly not a D-cup.  Where did we go wrong in the world assuming that we are all D-cups and DD-cups are massive?

I admit I grew up accepting that a particular woman named Pamela had DD’s because that is what the media had me believe, oh how wrong they were.  Even now big breasted celebrities are being labelled as DD-cup when they are more likely a G-cup and higher.  It is social magazines and media outlets that are mis-informing us all and it needs to stop for the sake of our own breasts.

When I meet new people and tell them that I sell bras that go from a D-cup to a K-cup their jaws drop and the first thing that always come out of their mouth is “Omg I didn’t know a K-cup existed” or “Omg I didn’t know bras went up past an E-cup”….that is because you shop in your local department store such as K-Mart, Big W, Target, Best and Less etc, that doesn’t supply past an E-cup and there is also no fitter there to teach you about bras so your left to continue wearing the same wrong sized bra over and over because you don’t know any better.

My other cringe worthy moment is when women say “Oh I thought a 12D and a 14D were the same size”.   Nope, they are close but they are not the same size, here is an example

Every single one of those bras above ARE ALL D-cup bras, they are 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14D, 16D, 18D and 22D (didn’t have a 20D in stock) and guess what, none of them are the same size, if you look closely to the underwire on the right side you will see a little red line, each line gradually sits further out than the one above.

It is a little hard to see in pictures cups when they are sitting flat, so here is my un-conventional side coming out, I grabbed a 10D bra (which is a 32D for you UK people) and wrapped it around a cushion, I placed 5 ping pong balls on the inside to give you bit of an idea of what a 10D cupped size bra looks like.

Still think Pamela is only 1 cup size bigger than this?

Now to compare it to a 18D cupped size bra, once again the handy ping pong balls were used, I used ping pong balls because I didn’t have any tennis balls but also everyone pretty much knows how big a ping pong ball is.

As you can see an 18D cup has more room than a 10D bra, this bra has about 10 ping pong balls inside, if you picture this on a woman who would wear a size 18 back band the cup doesn’t seem as big.  In no way am I hating on D-cups by saying that they aren’t big, but compared to my K-cup breasts they don’t seem big, I have nothing against D’s, all breasts whatever shape or size are awesome in my books.

Ladies if you are changing your back band size don’t forget to accommodate for the cup size as well.  If you are a 14DD and the cup is fine but your on the tightest hook and the band is riding up your back you need to go down to a 12, but you have to go up a cup size to be the equivalent cup size, so you would need a 12E, a 14DD and a 12E are the SAME CUP SIZE.

Once again here is a comparison it is an 8D bra and a 18D (I probably should have used the 10D because I used it earlier but you get the idea).

I hear so many women say “Oh I struggle to find a D-cup bra”, my response to this is “That is because you are not a D-cup, you are bigger than a D-cup, that is why you can’t find one to fit, there is a ton of D-cup bras out there on the market, if they don’t fit you, you’re not a D-cup!”  If you go into a clothing store and can’t find a size 12 pants to fit you in a variety of styles then there is a pretty good chance you’re not a size 12, bras are no different.

A lot of women are scared of the bra alphabet, I’ve re-fitted customers who have gasped at being told they are actually a G-cup or a K-cup, they don’t want to be known as this cup size because they feel as though they are a freak because hardly anyone knows of that size and if it isn’t sold in Target it must be not normal.  Think about it, what is worse, wearing a larger cup size and not having to tell anyone that you don’t want to or damaging your breast tissue because you are too vain to wear the right cup size but at least everyone knows you’re a supposed ‘normal’ cup size?  Give me the large cup size any day, I proudly tell people I’m a K-cup, I’ve had women read my business card when I have handed it to them and they ask “Wow what does a K-cup look like?” and I tell them you’re looking at them, they seem less freaked out when they see it in the flesh because in their mind a K-cup is someone carrying massive watermelons on their chest.

This is why Curvy Kate and I can’t stress enough the importance of being fitted by a professional bra fitter, granted it is becoming harder to find a trust worthy fitter and not just some sales assistant in a store.  If you have to, learn how a bra should fit properly yourself here, teach yourself that if the bra band doesn’t sit horizontally all the way around your torso then the back band is to big, those 2 pieces of wire that meet in the middle at the front is called a centre gore, that is supposed to sit flat against your chest wall.  Go to a store and don’t let a sales assistant fit you into a bra that doesn’t do what is said in my guide.

Thanks to the UK bras are being produced and manufactured in bras way above a D-cup and also in gorgeous and practical colours, here in Australia we are still a bit slow in catching onto this trend as in my local area, besides my online store you can’t buy a bra that goes above a G-cup here and this is why the world of online shopping is booming.  We have choices of sizes online, people can buy a K-cup bra at my store, I can’t go into any local shop and do that, so it never surprises me when I get a local order for someone who is above a G-cup, if anything it puts a smile on my face knowing I’m helping a local out because I know how hard it can be to get a large cupped bra.

If you have some ping pong balls in your house, grab one of your best fitting bras and see how many ping pong balls you can fit into it, see which cup size it is closer to, you may find that you will need plenty more ping pong balls and a much larger cup size.  You may also discover that according to my guide above, your best fitting bra really isn’t your best fitting bra anymore.

I know this blog sounds a lil ranty and pushy but its more of a public service announcement and a way to make more women aware of their cup size and how bras work because majority of women still don’t get it, for your boobs sake please go and get fitted and purchase a correct sized bra!

♥ Brood


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The most practical bra you will come across, the Curvy Kate Daily Boost bra!

After seeing pictures of the Curvy Kate Daily Boost bra months ago a big part of me has been super keen to try it out, but then again, when aren’t I keen to try out a new CK bra, but there was a little part of me that didn’t want to go near it purely because of its colour.  Growing up I have been traumatized by nude and white bras, in high school that was all that was available for me, it was a miracle back then to come across a nice black bra, so all the time it was white for me, I flat out refused to wear nude, it looked like a granny colour, couldn’t bring myself to wear it, it was bad enough that I was a teenage girl who lived in black clothing having to wear white bras underneath, I wasn’t going to wear nude and have my self esteem lowered even more when other girls my age could wear whatever colour they wanted and didn’t have to wear nude.

So as you can see I was a torn with the Daily Boost, after swearing to myself for years that I’d never wear nude I braved it for my own curiosities sake for the fit and also for the blog.  So here it is…

My first impression was it is firm, like Angel bra firm, this is my regular size 14K/36K but it was still the right back size for me.

For those paying close attention you will see that I do have some cup overflow with my arms up in the air and also by my side, while these are not full cup bras it is a little bit extra overflow than normal.  There are a few contributing factors to this, this is happening in a few of my other bras a tiny bit which means I could probably easily fit into a 14KK, sadly this size does not exist, I also started a new medication a little while ago which makes me retain a little bit of fluid which is why the back band was firmer than normal.  This is why it is important to get measured every 4-6 months because your cup size and back band does change for different reasons.

So those reasons aside I find it very true to size, if you are between cup sizes then go for the larger size not the smaller.

The bra is also very strong and structured, its brand new, it hasn’t been broken in yet, when I took the pics I had only worn it for a few minutes to take the photos.  To me a new bra is like a new pair of shoes, they need to be broken in and moulded, so I decided to wear the Daily Boost bra the next day to try it out as I noticed when I looked at the pics I had taken there was room at the bottom of the cup that my breasts were not sitting in, so I had hoped that once I had broken the bra in I would sit a bit better in the bra.  Here is me at the end of the day.

As I had predicted I now sit in the bra better, to save your scrolling up here is both bra pics before and after side by side.

So the bulging on top is less prominent and I sit into the cup more so I would advise anyone who purchases this bra to take note of this, if you are sitting a bit out of the cup please look at the bottom of the cup to determine if once you have worn it for a while will you sink into the cup or not, if there is no extra room then by all means go up a cup size.

For those who love their matching sets there is also matching briefs and thongs, here is the Daily Boost Nude brief in a size 22.

 The underwear is so smooth and great for every day wear, they do not sit as high up the stomach as the Curvy Kate shorts because this is a brief but they still cover my lower stomach so I’m happy, my hip measurements is roughly 130cm for other plus size women who want to measure themselves to see what size they will be.  For the new readers to my blog my pictures are raw and un-edited, no photoshopping is involved, I want you to see how Curvy Kate lingerie fits on a plus sized woman and in my opinion it looks great.  It suits women from size 6 to size 22, such a versatile brand.

So back to the bra, it is a fantastic t-shirt style bra, it’s not un-padded and it’s not as thick as the Showgirl padded bras, the thickness is in between the two.

I find it is one of those bras that you can wear everyday, I guess that is why they called it the Daily Boost bra, it gives me a little bit more oomph compared to the un-padded bras and there is less jiggle as I am more supported but I don’t have the lift of the Showgirl bra.  When I only owned 3 CK bras and was just lounging around the house or would duck down to the local shops I didn’t want to wear one of my CK bras because they were so nice, I felt like I was wasting it, I really needed this bra back then as I would have worn this for those moments and saved my other nicer bras, this is why I find it practical but of course you can wear it for other bigger outings as well.

I know that there are quite a few women who are very nipple conscious, they mainly wear padded bras so that their nipples don’t show, I’m a little different, after wearing bad bras for years and having my nipples end up all over the place, one would be pointing north and the other west and then when I grabbed my bra to shift my boobs back into it then they would face a completely different direction again.  So now that I have my awesome fitting Curvy Kate bras and my nipples don’t move, I enjoy wearing the un-padded bras and if my nipples show through I don’t care because I know that they are sitting in the right spot.  But in saying that, this bra is great for nipple conscious women.

The bra has a white trim and the bra also comes in white with a nude trim.  I have had some ladies ask is this a moulded cup, I have said no as I find a moulded cup is a completely smooth cup with no stitching, as you can see in the above pic there is stitching in the cup, the later to be released Curvy Kate Smoothie bra will be their first moulded cup bra.

How does the bra look under a top?

My usual Purple shirt was in the wash, this is the same top but in a different colour, grabbed it off my rack, took the pics and realised it had a big stain on the front so it will now be going back in the wash so please excuse the mark.

So after hating nude and white bras for so long the Curvy Kate Daily Boost bra has changed my mind on the colour and it will be worn a fair amount for my daily activites, it is just to practical and handy to not wear it as I do like the shaping and support it gives.

I do have some of the Daily Boost lingerie in stock at

Daily Boost Nude bra – 14J, 16F, 16G and 18G

Daily Boost Nude brief – 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22

Daily Boost White bra – 16F and 18GG

Daily Boost White brief – 18 and 20

Also I am soooo close to getting 50 000 clicks on my blog

The irony is that I print screened this exactly at midnight and so it looks like no one has read my blog today, what are the chances of that, a few mins before hand it had 208 but I decided to refresh one more time, oops, but I’m so close, I want to thank everyone who has read, followed, viewed my little blog, I really appreciate it, I didn’t think I would get to this mark so soon so here is hoping for another 50 000!

Also the Top 10 Curvy Kate Star In A Bra finalists had their photo shoot a few days ago, the photos will be released very soon and you can vote for who you want to win, keep watch here and you can follow me here to get updates and discounts.

♥ Brood

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We know the Curvy Kate bras look great on larger cup sizes, but how does the underwear look on a plus size figure?

Awhile ago I decided that I wanted to show off how great the Curvy Kate bras are at the other end of the scale, from what I had seen no one was showing off how the bras fit in a K-cup, in no way is it to be seen as a negative thing to Curvy Kate, it is not an attack to them or their models, I adore their models and love that they cater for different shapes and sizes.  I did it because most of my customers are on the larger size (just like me) and I wanted to show them that just because you have 16 or 18 H-cups or K-cup as an example, you can look great in any size in the Curvy Kate bras.  It was my way of helping out my customers and also fulfilling a goal of mine I had when I was younger as I had wanted to do bra catalogue modelling.

Overtime I have received feedback from ladies (and surprisingly a male friend as well, hey Serby) saying that seeing me model the bras in a cup size close to them made them go out and try Curvy Kate bras, they gave them a chance after not being sure if they would be supported well enough or not.  I was touched to hear that this blog had made a difference to a few ladies, so it got me thinking, if I could do this with the bras, then why not do the same for the underwear?  I toyed with this for quite a while as I am a large lady, I’m not perfect, I have cellulite, body fat and stretch marks and I know I don’t look that great in underwear.

Then I thought it’s not about trying to look great and sexy or to prove a point, I purely just wanted other ladies who were my size to see how the underwear would look like on them, to show that they to can also wear girly, fun, feminine and dare I say sexy underwear.  We can have matching sets, I never had matching sets before, I think my first matching set was about 2 months ago.  I am a size 22 in Curvy Kate underwear, I also discovered yesterday that I can squish into the size 20 Thrill me shorts, it is a wonderful thing that Curvy Kate cater for my size, well frankly, it is great that they cater for size 8-22.  So here goes….

For those who like their underwear up around their belly button I would not suggest the shorts to you as they are not meant to sit that high, they are shorts and sit around your lower abdomen.  Regular Emily underwear buyers will know that the past styles were sheer at the front with embroidery, from the Spring Summer 2012 catalogue onwards all coloured Emily underwear is no longer sheer at the back or the front.  Both sides have an extra lining and I am a fan of it, they also give off more of a brief look than a short look now as well.

The Emily Black, White and Nude Shorts are being brought in with this new layered style, some retailers will have the new style or other stores such as mine will still have the sheer stock for a bit longer.  I have worn the Emily black short in the sheer style previously and I have no problems with the sheer style, I just have to make sure I don’t wear these particular shorts when I go for  a massage!  The one thing I remember though when wearing the Emily shorts was that it felt like I was wearing nothing at all, they were that comfortable I didn’t even notice them, no re-adjusting, just pure comfort and I loved the fact that I was wearing the matching Emily Black bra (available at at the same time, I had a kick in my step knowing I was in a matching set.

I am hoping that the underwear reviews will be received in a positive light and that it be seen as a helpful gesture, I’m not trying to endorse a certain lifestyle or promote being over weight, I used to be 40kgs heavier and am continuing my weight loss journey, I just wanted to show the voluptuous ladies out there that this is what the underwear could look like on your body and you deserve to have nice underwear.  If it helps my hip measurements are around 129cm and the shorts are a 22, hopefully that will help you determine what size would suit you.  Depending on the feedback I hope to do some more down the track :)

How gorgeous is the Emily Coral Blush bra?  I think I need to visit my Osteopath as I can see how un-even I am standing, anyway back to the bra.  I was a little concerned how the colour scheme would go on me because I am about as pale as they come but I was pleasantly surprised, it looks rather sweet and a big change to my normal dark colours, I have to admit I tend to wear a lot of black.  Emily comes with 2 hooks at the back and 3 for the larger cups, fully adjustable straps and cute little bows to adorn the centre core and the bottom of the straps.  Emily is available in sizes 6 to 18 D-cup to K-cup and also size 20 and 22 D-cup to G-cup.  Still my number 1 favourite un-padded bra!

In some other exciting news we have a brand new website, everything is new except the address is the same and we still exclusively sell Curvy Kate lingerie.  We now have an e-commerce website, new hosting, new layout, new shopping cart.  We now have a Paypal business account so people who have a Paypal account can pay via Paypal and so can people without an account, also we can accept credit card payments via Paypal.  We have a live chat support system which means when I am online if you are on the website and need some help you can talk to me right away via the chat.  A simple checkout system with coupon coding, soon to be created gift certificates, newsletters and easy to find products.  I like to call it my ‘super website’, so if you want to see what the site looks like without watermarks then head on over to

To celebrate the new site we are giving away Free Express Shipping on all orders (Australia only) until midnight Friday the 30th March 2012, to receive this great offer when in the checkout, click on the coupon code and type in the word “freeship” and you will receive free shipping, it’s that easy.  So please check out the new site and let me know what you think!

Also quickly the annual UK Curvy Kate Star In A Bra competition has launched and the top 30 have been chosen and the gorgeous ladies need your vote to get through to the top 10.  You have 3 votes so use them wisely, head on over to their Facebook page to vote or click here, you need to be on a computer or laptop to enter, it won’t work from your phone.  I haven’t voted yet as I am waiting to see all the ladies interviewed but the few standouts to me are Abby Russell, Alexandra Pluthero, Sinead Blaney and Jane Blackhall.  All the top 30 ladies are beautiful and should be proud for making it this far, it is so exciting that one of these ladies will be the next Star In A Bra!


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Back to where it all began, my first bra love, Curvy Kate Portia! Plus a Curvy Kate Tankini update.

There is something memorable about your ‘first’, your first kiss, the first time you drive a car, your first job, your first concert, the list is endless, for me I still remember the first time I fell in love with a bra.  It sounds a little strange to some but this bra meant that much to me, it was forever known as Portia, even when showing it to people I called it Portia, if I couldn’t find it I’d ask Mum ‘Have you seen Portia’, not ‘Have you seen my black and pink bra’, it had that much importance to me that everyone else around me eventually knew the name as well.

My introduction to Curvy Kate was bit of a bumpy road, I didn’t have much luck with 2 local retailers but I was determined to try this brand, so I did what most people are doing these days, I turned to the internet.  I made an order to England as I knew they were a UK brand and ordered a Portia Black Pink bra, I didn’t realise that there were quite a few retailers in the rest of Australia that sold Curvy Kate at the time (like this one).  A little bit later I received my little parcel, I remember rushing into the bathroom to put it on and just wow, I was speechless.  I ran out of the bathroom to show my Mum and after seeing me struggle with bras for years even she was amazed.  I was wearing a bra that for the first time ever lifted and supported my breasts, I had no 4-boob/quadraboob effect so I no longer had to use double-sided tape to keep them in, I had cleavage and a really nice rounded shape, not flat and not minimised.

I am not ashamed to say that I almost cried.

Finally there was a brand out there that understood what I was looking for in a bra and that wasn’t forcing me to minimise them or shun them from society, they understood that I had large breasts and that I wanted to make them look pretty.  I remember also looking down at my chest and seeing the 2 wires meeting in the middle sitting on my chest wall, I remember saying to myself “Why on earth is the wire sitting there?” not realising that is where they were supposed to sit, I never had a bra do that.  I fell in love and now almost 2 years later I’m selling the exact same bra and modelling them myself.

Portia has come out in a few different colours over time but they have now kept with the Black Pink and White Pink combinations and I think they are an excellent staple bra to have in their catalogue.  I’m not a big white fan even though my skin colour could just about match the bra but I wear a lot of black so it isn’t practical for me to wear, but then I thought you never know there might be an occasion where I may need to wear a light coloured shirt so I got it to add to the collection.

I did something a little bit different this time round with my photos, normally when going to take them I won’t have been wearing the bra I was going to review before hand, I usually go to my camera set up, take off the current bra and put on the reviewing bra, take pics and then put my first bra back on.  But this time I wore this bra all afternoon and night, so these pics have been taken after wearing the bra for about 8-9 hours.  I wanted to show how the Curvy Kate bras keep you supported and lifted all day long, and also that it is possible to wear a bra for more than 4 hours.

I have worn this bra once before but it had been a little while since but I remember saying to myself “I’m not a fan of white but it really is a pretty bra”.  The pink ribbon gives off the ‘sweet’ look and compliments the bra.  Plus I just love the little bows on the straps.

I find the Portia bra to be a cross between the Angel Bra and the Princess Bra, it has the cup shaping of the Princess bra which I find is slightly tear drop but has the same lift as Angel.  I find Angel gives off the look that it sits lower because of the ribbon on top encasing the breast and the same with Portia.  Portia would make a great bra to wear under any top, it is practical, pretty and can last the distance, I mean c’mon this is after 9 hours of wear and it is still looking the same as what it did when I first put it on.

I have included a picture again of what the bra looks like under a singlet top to show you how the shaping sits under clothes, you can compare this look with my previous blogs as I have worn the same singlet throughout them all.  Portia has 2 hooks on the back for the smaller cup sizes and 3 hooks for the larger cup sizes.  It has fully adjustable straps and is available from 6-18 D-cup to K-cup and the matching Shorts and Thongs are available in size 8-22.  This can all be purchased in both Black/Pink and White/Pink at  Reason I did not review the black pink is because I have that in a 16J and not my current size of 14K.

Just want to throw in a reminder here that there is 100% no editing in my pictures, what you see is what you get, no photo shopping, all I have done is crop the photo so you don’t see the rest of my spare room and have added a watermark, no slimming down, no covering, they are pure pictures.

I wanted to bring up the Curvy Kate Bondi Breeze Tankini again as it has been awhile since I reviewed it.  When I did the review I had worn it once and did some very basic swimming/walking in a pool in it.  Since then I have been to the pool 9 more times and I have increased my movements in the pool purely thanks to the Tankini.

Because I feel secure and confident in my Tankini and that my breasts aren’t going to flop out in the pool I have slowly stepped up my exercise regime from just walking in the pool to now doing some doggy paddle, breast stroke and freestyle.  I now also own 2 Tankini’s, that is how much I adore it.  The freedom of kicking off from the wall and knowing I don’t have to adjust a thing is just awesome,  I even bought myself a pair of goggles for the first time in about 15 years, I was that excited I left the pool and went home still wearing my swimmers and with wet hair and took a pic of me wearing them, don’t worry I didn’t drive in them.  But this is what the Tankini looks like after an hour of decent swimming, the ‘twins’ are still looking good!  Not my most glamorous look but hey I look sporty, a rarity for me :)

So Curvy Kate have once again changed and improved my life!

Some great news, I will be doing underwear reviews in the future, being a plus sized woman I feel as though I can help other plus size ladies relate to the product by showing me in them, much like how I do for the K-cup bras.  By no means does it mean that I am not a fan of the Curvy Kate models, they are such beautiful ladies and I love the work that they do and they cover such a diverse range of sizes already, this is just my way of reaching out to those who are at the other end of the scale to show how gorgeous the Curvy Kate lingerie can look on you regardless of size.  Plus I always wanted to be a bra model so this is my way of completing that goal :)

Speaking of their models, it is that time of year again for Star In A Bra where Curvy Kate give their customers the chance to be one of their models for a year plus heaps of other goodies.  Last year’s winner Lizzie Haines did such a oustanding job winning and has travelled to Paris for trade shows, been in the press and 2 Curvy Kate catalogues, she is a real asset to the CK brand.  If you think you have what it takes and have curves to flaunt then you can enter right now and up until the 16th of March, it is open to UK and Ireland residents only but the competition will be launching in the USA for the first time in April and returning to Australia in late June!  Check out Curvy Kate’s Facebook page here to enter.  Goodluck to all and can’t wait to see who the Top 30 are!


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Custom Orders for the upcoming Curvy Kate Autumn Winter 2012 catalogue

So this will probably be my shortest blog every, well it isn’t really a blog, it is just another way of me letting people know my intention for the upcoming catalogue.  In the past I have chosen what I want to order for each season, last season I ordered 1 in every size of the Tease Me Ivory Pink bra and I have a fair amount of stock left over and it really gave me an indication of what my most popular sizes are.

Most of my customers are size 16 or 18 bra and 20 and 22 underwear which is awesome, so I had considered culling the size 6-10′s just because I hardly get any sales from then, same with the D-cup, DD-cup and I get the odd E-cup, there is still plenty of bras and underwear in these sizes in store so it isn’t like they would miss out.

But then something interesting happened, I put up 2 pictures of bras on Facebook to see who was interested in what.

To my surprise I received interest from 2 ladies who were a size 8 and size 10 who made me realise that just because I haven’t sold many of those sizes in the past doesn’t mean that I won’t in the future, it showed me that I can’t guess who my clients will be say 6 months down the track.

So I had to change my plans, knowing I have different tastes to most I decided to do things differently, instead of me choosing what to get in for the store, I’m letting the customers decide what they want to see me get in for them.  Would have been great if I had the idea sooner and not about a week before I need to place my final order but I’m pushing forward and trying to contact as many people as possible (hence the blog) about it.

I have made a sexy collage of all the styles that are available with their names and sizes.  There has been interest made for the Emily Midnight Blush, Gia Cherry Blush, Romance Black Cherry and Entice Black Gold.  Once all the orders have been made and I know I am definitely getting them in I will take a $5 deposit from people to confirm the order which will then come off your items when they arrive later in the year.

 For anyone wanting to make an order I need to know by Wednesday the 22nd of February so please email me at

To let me know what you want to order and what size, thanks heaps


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We all need a little “Romance” in our lives and some tips on how to spot a bad fitting bra

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought it was a great time to do a review on the stunning Curvy Kate Romance Bra, and also because I asked my fans on Facebook which bra out of the 3 choices they would like to see next, Abbey responded first with Romance so here it is!

I have to say, I became an instant fan of Romance as soon as I put it on and it made its way to my 2nd favourite un-padded bra.  The fit and shaping was very similar to Emily which is my favourite, it has a strong uplift, a nice round shape and is very versatile being black but stands out from the crowd with its golden flat embroidery so it can be worn under just about everything.

For those who are new to my blog (welcome) but I just wanted to remind people that this is a 14K (36K for the uk people) bra, this Curvy Kate bra is supporting K-cup breasts, this is one of the reasons why I love this brand, no other bra has given me this kind of support, uplift and is so comfy that I can wear them for over 12 hours.

I think this is one of the first bras where they have replaced the little ribbon bows at the start of the straps and have added little golden scrolls instead, something which I think suits this particular bra, but I have to admit, I still love the little bows.  Also you have to love their attention to detail, they have added scrolls to the back of the bra, an area which is normally forgotten about and left blank, I remember getting it and just going ‘that is cool’.

With its fully adjustable straps, 3 hooks on the back, 2 for smaller cup sizes, this bra will definitely be in high rotation in my collection and I am now wanting to get the other colours such as the black purple and the yet to be released black cherry.  Little tip, when you first get a bra it should go on the first hook as above, there is no point buying it when you go straight to the tighest hook, you shorten your bras life span when it starts to stretch as it will be to big.

Moving along onto another topic – bad fitting bras!  As an online only store 95% of the time I don’t get to help people find their correct size, I have had the odd customer ask which they think would be best but in general I’m handing out bras and it absolutely kills me not knowing if they have chosen their correct size or if they have stuck with old habits and gone ‘oh well it fits pretty good, it will do’.  It still blows me away the amount of women who are wearing the wrong size bra, but also the amount of women who don’t know what to look for to determine if it is a good fit or not, so to combat this, I have created a picture show.

To the un-suspecting eye some people would say that this bra looks ok, a little cleavage heavy but when you start to analyse the important areas you soon realise this bra is completely wrong.  Now this is a bra I bought about 5-6 years ago and has just been sitting in my draw ever since, I’m not here to bad-mouth it or the brand as that is not what I do, I chose this purely because it is the wrong size, it is an 18E (40E), bit of a difference compared to my 14K (36K).  The pics of the pink bra are bad bra pics, me wearing the romance bra, good bra pics.

The area where the 2 wires meet is a misunderstood part of the bra, it is known as the centre gore and as you can see in this pic it is nowhere near my chest wall offering me no support in my band, you want the gore to be sitting flush against your chest.

Moving around the back of the bra to the most important part, the back band.  Everywhere I go now I’m looking at other women’s backs to see where their bra band is sitting to see if its riding up their back or not.  I have fitted a few friends of mine and have asked them what size they are, it’s usually some size way to big and I go to their backs and pull their back band out by about 5 inches and say this is why this isn’t your correct size, this should be a firm fit across your back otherwise you are not getting supported.

Also your band should stay the same height all the way around to the back, it should not go up your back like a 45 degree angle, it should not curve into a boomerang shape around your shoulder blades, it should look like this below.

You can also see that the underwire is encasing the entire breast and sits further around the side which means it is not cutting into any precious breast tissue, in the pink bra you can see it digs into breast which damages it.

If you can do this ^^ with your back band it is time for a new bra, go now and get one, stop reading this blog and run out to your stores now (or my website and get correctly fitted and go down a few back sizes and get a bra that does this below.

I put a fair amount of strength into that pull to show you that there isn’t much give, that took effort to get it pulled that far, but that is about as far out as it should go.

If your able to grab the bottom of the centre gore and pull it out and move it around, it’s not a good sign for you or your bra, think about it, if there is all that movement, what is supporting your breasts?

Don’t forget the straps, if your shoulders are covered in red raw marks and cutting into your skin then guess what, your bra is either the wrong size or you have your straps pulled to tightly trying to lift your breasts, which guess what, means you’re in the wrong size bra.  Technically you should be able to put a bra on, take the straps off your shoulders and still be really well supported, that is a sign of a correct fitting back band.  If you find that your bra is cutting into your armpits loosen the straps a bit and tighten your back band.  You should be able to fit 2 fingers underneath the strap for a comfortable fit.

It breaks my heart hearing women say “oh I can’t wait til I get home so I can take my bra off” or “the first thing I do when I walk through my front door is rip off my bra”, it is sad that there are women out there who just don’t know the joy of a correct fitting bra.  Me, I love wearing my underwire bras and I’m not just saying that because I sell them, I genuinely wear them all the time, I also sleep in them that is how comfy I find them (my older styles not current ones I wear each day).  I come home and put on pj’s but I leave the bra on, also not because I have massive boobs and need something to lift them, but because I want to and I love having that choice.

For those who didn’t hear our announcement in the last blog we have introduced a customer rewards program to our loyal customers.  Those who spend $500 instore will become a Gold Member to Broods Big Bras and you will earn FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING for a whole year.  You don’t have to spend $500 in the one go, it is a running tally of all your purchases including previous ones, its our way of saying thankyou for shopping with us.

In closing I have a question for my fellow readers, as you know I do the bra modelling in my blog to show how the bras look in a K-cup to help out other larger cupped women.  Well I am now contemplating reviewing the underwear as well, I wear a size 22 in the shorts and thought well no one is plus size modelling them, maybe I should do it so that other plus size ladies can see how they would look in the underwear, but I’m not to sure if there are people who want to see that, so if it is something you would like to see please let me know as I’m still on the fence with the idea, thanks :)



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